The Complete Guide to Offensive Security

While defensive security techniques are vital reactive measures once an attack has begun, offensive security is equally essential in finding security gaps before a threat actor does, preventing attacks and reducing risk.

But what does an offensive security strategy look like and how can you ensure it's implemented, managed, and grown successfully? Assembling a layered portfolio of solutions, services, and processes is the best path towards creating a well barricaded infrastructure that frustrates those looking for low hanging fruit and helps delay and minimize the attempts of advanced attackers.

In this guide, you'll learn about the benefits of offensive security and get direction on steps to implement an effective offensive strategy in your organization, including:

  • How to build an offensive security team
  • Offensive techniques like pen testing or red teaming
  • Proactive tools like adversary simulation, fuzzers, and vulnerability scanning
  • Why layering solutions can further bolster your security approach
  • The importance of thorough, organized reporting
  • Steps for remediation and the need for re-testing

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