3 Reasons to Take a Layered Approach to Offensive Cybersecurity

By Fortra's Digital Defense

Reports of cyberattacks continue to plague the news, from attacks on airport computer systems¹, to increased phishing scams around the holidays2, to new ransomware groups entering the landscape at greater attack volumes³. The increase of attacks, both in volume and severity, means your company needs the utmost protection - a single program or system simply won’t cut it anymore.

A layered approach to your cybersecurity can help you stop threats before they can become attacks.

Reason 1: Identify, Exploit, and Predict Security Weaknesses and Their Impact

By layering different cybersecurity products, you are getting a robust program while taking an offensive cybersecurity approach, rather than a reactive approach. By putting defenses and security operations to the test with a full attack simulation, you see the whole picture at one time. You’ll see where vulnerabilities lie, prioritize remediation, undercover potential post-attack scenarios and costs, test your employees to see who is susceptible to falling victim to a threat, and more. Then, you can fix areas of weakness before threat actors can find them and potentially cost your company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Reason 2: Allows You to Focus on Real Threats

With the information from your simulations and tests in hand, you can use the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures database to discern which vulnerabilities pose a real threat and should be remediated first so damage from exploitation is minimized. If you’re not sure how to address the vulnerability, that’s ok! That’s what the database is for - you can coordinate efforts with IT and cybersecurity professionals to ensure vulnerabilities are addressed properly.

Cut through the clutter and allocate resources efficiently and effectively. This is immensely important for companies with a small or limited IT team - don’t waste time nd money on low-risk threats when your resources could be better utilized on high-risk gaps.

Reason 3: Streamline and Centralize Your Vendors and Processes

The last thing you need to be doing is managing multiple vendors and processes.  Why have one program for network scanning, one for penetration testing, and one for threat emulation when you could have them all together?

Consolidate your vendors by finding one who offers multiple solutions under their umbrella so you get a layered, offensive cybersecurity solution and seamlessly transition between products and features to get a full view of what’s going on in your network. Consolidation also allows you to reduce console fatigue by having everything in one place with solutions that are integrated and operating properly, helps ensure regulatory compliance and creates reports for security auditors.

Look for a vendor who will act as an extension of your team, with a dedicated account representative who empowers you and listens to you. You want a partner who continually innovates, introducing new features, benefits, updates and products as part of their commitment to delivering the best in cybersecurity protection.

Your Answer to a Layered, Offensive Cybersecurity Solution

At Digital Defense, we offer our Frontline VM, Core Impact, and Cobalt Strike products in one bundle. With the “Elite Bundle”, networks are scanned, vulnerabilities are prioritized, areas of potential exploitation are identified, and defense and security operations are tested with a full-attack simulation so you can stay one step ahead of threat actors.   

Don’t risk your network becoming inaccessible due to an attacker’s overtake¹. Don’t risk your company’s trustworthiness and reputation being reduced thanks to an attacker spoofing your domain or brand name². Contact us to learn more or get started with your layered approach to offensive cybersecurity.


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