3 Reasons MSPs Partner with Digital Defense

By Fortra's Digital Defense

Why MSPs choose Digital Defense

Cybersecurity firms know that there are essentials to providing dependable, reliable security solutions to clients, which is why MSPs partner with Digital Defense.  Easily maintained vulnerability scanning and management that's flexible enough to be cloud base or on premise, simple to read reports, and easy to set up automatic scan capability are must have's.  Plus, implementing streamlined vulnerability scans that include prioritized threat detection with the ability to generate customized, intuitive reports to show accurate scan results makes it easy to show your client the progress being made.

When MSPs partner with Digital Defense, the 3 main benefits they see are:

Rapid Monetization:  A cloud-native solution ensures a fast start up time, quick and simple adaptation to assesses hybrid environments and multiple management consoles to make sure implementation and efficient running time is as fast as it is accurate.

Optimized Offerings and Operations:  Automated vulnerability management scanning and assessment that's a true multi-tenant architecture, including professional consultations and centralized administration will make your organization a trusted advisor to clients.

Proof of Value to Their Customers:  Best-in-class SaaS vulnerability management, customizable, easy to understand reporting, and innovative risk assessment technology.  Get easy to understand security ratings, prioritized threat remediation, and clear actionable reporting so the client can see the progress being made.

Built for MSPs

Strength and simplicity, these two fundamental pieces help reduce time and effort for MSPs.  Vulnerability management, threat scanning, web application scanning, and pen testing, Frontline.Cloud™ delivers with easy functionality, automated scanning, and branded, detailed reporting that provides client friendly features through a SaaS platform.  Streamlined administration, maximized performance, and seamless integration into current workflows and systems make detection for remediation and process tracking instantly beneficial to clients.  Download the brief and see why Digital Defense solutions are one of the best security options before an attack and why they're a great value to MSPs and their clients.


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