Fortra VM: Making Vulnerability Management Easy from Start to Finish

By Fortra's Digital Defense

“Fortra VM is easy to deploy and easy to configure.”

- Scott H., Director of IT, Mid-Market


Don’t Take Our Word for It. Take Theirs.

At Digital Defense, we know your time is of the essence. That’s why we strive to make products that are easy to deploy, use, and maintain, and provide top-notch security, giving you time back in your day so you can focus on what matters most: your customers.

Sure, we could tell you all of the ways that Fortra VM makes it easy to identify and prioritize your vulnerabilities, but wouldn’t you rather hear from your peers how it’s impacting their business?

Here are just a few of the reviews that allowed us to be named Easiest Admin, Easiest Setup, Most Implementable, and Fastest GoLive Time in the Risk-Based Vulnerability Management category by G2.

overview of the Digital Defense Dashboard with vulnerability report
The easy-to-understand, all-encompassing dashboard lets you see all of your vulnerability risk information at a glance.

Appreciate Easy-to-Understand Dashboard and Top-Notch Customer Service

“I like the easy-to-understand Dashboard, and the Customer Service is top-notch when I have a question. I can quickly identify weaknesses in our network and remedy them. I haven’t found any downsides to using Fortra Vulnerability Management.” - Medical Practice User, Mid-Market

Love the Amount of Details Provided

“Easy to build and run scans and reports, lots of detail given on vulnerabilities and devices.” - User in Financial Services, Mid-Market

report of vulnerabilities and threat level to remediate
See the severity of your vulnerabilities so you know which ones to remedy first.

Requires Little to No Training to Use

“Fortra VM is extremely easy to use. I create accounts for our clients in the cloud portal and it requires little to no training for them to get the hang of it. The interface is intuitive.” - Consultant, Information Technology and Services, Mid-Market

Easy to Track and Understand Vulnerabilities

“We can determine and see where our vulnerabilities lie. Knowing what we need to tackle is very helpful and makes tracking everything with our assets easy! The vulnerabilities are all explained clearly, so it’s easy to understand. Everything works as it should and gives no trouble. Keeping track of everything is made easy for anyone.” - Caden T., Small Business IT Representative

graphs showing threat levels of cyber vulnerabilities
Reports let you see the breakdown of your threats, including the threat rank and number of vulnerabilities by threat rank.

A Must For Vulnerability Scanning and Prevention

“It's the industry’s most comprehensive, accurate, and easy-to-use SaaS vulnerability management solution. I must recommend for those users who want to simplify vulnerability scan and prevention.” - Administrator, Computer Software, Enterprise


Working For You, Not Against You.

Vulnerability Management is a necessary component of a strong cybersecurity program, but it shouldn’t be cumbersome. That’s why we focus on being people-first and removing barriers to entry by making vulnerability management easy with fast, straightforward setup, quick access to admin tools, onboarding and training with our dedicated customer service representatives, and automated, timely reporting. We take the guesswork out of vulnerability management, making sure it works for you by giving you actionable insights and next steps without the burden of navigating overly complex tools or sifting through overly complicated reporting.

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