Award Winning Vulnerability Management Tools

By Fortra's Digital Defense

Award Winning Vulnerability Management Tools

In just the past few weeks Fortra Vulnerability Management has been honored to be recognized by G2 as a leader in 12 different categories including Easiest to Administer, Fastest Implementation, and Highest User Adoption.

The only way to build a product customers love is to get great feedback from our loyal customer base. So thank you for input and support that keeps us continually improving so we can make Fortra VM the best it can be.

Start By Putting The Customer First

Securing your systems and data is a huge responsibility and we don’t ever take that lightly. We also know that your time and resources are invaluable. That motivates us to do more than just deliver top-notch tools and software. We also pride ourselves on providing world-class support to you and your organization to ensure we help simplify your VM endeavors. Vulnerability management is the core of what we do; our experts have the deep knowledge and certifications to assist you and your team with your specific security and compliance needs.

Our goal is to empower teams like yours with that knowledge so you can take action decisively and effectively. That’s why our team consistently earns a 75 or better Net Promoter Score (NPS) and 90+ customer satisfaction score. And it’s also why we’ve been ranked highest by G2 in 12 separate categories and named to the Best Security products for  2022 list.

  • Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Highest User Adoption
  • Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Easiest Admin 
  • Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Easiest Setup
  • Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Fastest GoLive Time
  • Risk-Based Vulnerability Management High Performer
  • Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Most Implementatable
  • Security Risk Analysis Highest User Adoption
  • Security Risk Analysis Easiest Admin
  • Security Risk Analysis High Performer
  • Security Risk Analysis Mid Market High Performer
  • Vulnerability Scanner High Performer
  • Vulnerability Scanner Mid Market High Performer

Offer a Full Complement of Services and Tools

Because we recognize that your needs can sometimes extend beyond a standard subscription or a single tool, we stand ready to assist however you need our support. Cybersecurity defense  is our sole business, and as a result, we are staffed, trained, and experienced at cybersecurity services with close adjacency to vulnerability management. We can help with enterprise security needs including vulnerability scanning and assessment, penetration testing, employee training, network security testing, application security testing, and even physical security testing. 

As a member of the Fortra family, our mission is to be a people-first software company focused on helping exceptional organizations Build a Better IT™. We deliver solutions based on the fundamentals of good technology design: high quality, a top-notch user experience, and the ability to improve performance.

Learn More from Our Experts

We recognize that when it comes to all things vulnerability assessment, there can be a lot to keep track of. Our team is here to track the ever-changing cyber threat landscape for you, making it easy and simple for you to reduce your risks and build maximum security for your networks.

As part of that support, our experts have created a resource library with free security guides, vulnerability management case studies and up-to-date vulnerability research and tools.

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