Bank Info Security's Interview with Larry Hurtado on Using Cloud-Based Cybersecurity Services

By Fortra's Digital Defense

Digital Defense's Larry Hurtado on Threat Management, Improving Defenses

Organizations that procure cybersecurity services are increasingly looking not just for private cloud-based approaches, but products that operate from public cloud environments, says Larry Hurtado, CEO of security technology and service provider Digital Defense. "First and foremost, our move to Amazon has primarily been to enable our clients to assess ... premises, cloud and hybrid environments with relative ease," he says. But the move will also facilitate easier scanning within the Amazon environment, he says, as well as enable organizations to better handle different countries' data residency requirements. In addition, the company is helping organizations seek out any stolen data or information that might be in circulation on the dark web via improved threat management capabilities. In a video interview at RSA Conference 2018, Hurtado discusses:
  • Why Digital Defense moved its platform to Amazon Web Services;
  • Using threat management to combat stolen data merchants;
  • How cloud environments help address data residency challenges;
Hurtado is president and CEO of Digital Defense. Previously, he co-founded and served as president of international operations for Elastic Networks and served as vice president of business line management for Nortel Networks.
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