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With Jobs on Horizon, San Antonio Cybersecurity Firm Funds Nonprofit

The rise of coding schools is helping take care of the demand for software developers, a position that’s projected to rise 17 percent by 2024 from 1.1 million positions in 2014, according to the U.S. Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Cybersecurity has fewer existing jobs than software, but openings in the field are expected to grow at an even faster rate. The BLS projects that information security analysts will grow by 18 percent by 2024. Today, there are 209,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs available, according to a study of BLS data by Stanford’s Peninsula Press. Demand for cybersecurity workers rose 3.5 times faster than other jobs in IT, the Peninsula Press says.

Schools like University of Texas at San Antonio offer degrees in cybersecurity. But other local programs that aim to provide more training are springing up, such as the CyberTexas Foundation, a San Antonio nonprofit that is trying to expand cybersecurity training and workforce development programs in Texas.

Local businesses are showing support. Digital Defense, a San Antonio-based services company that tests security protocols in other businesses systems, networks, and personnel, announced last week it is contributing $22,500 over the next few years to CyberTexas.

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