Clearswift and Agari: Best Email Security Providers & Services 2022

By Fortra's Digital Defense

Channel Insiders looks at considerations for Email Security Solutions and assesses the best providers and services in 2022.

Originally published in Channel Insiders


“Fortra is an enterprise IT and channel force with a growing stack of technologies under its brand. With the acquisitions of veteran cybersecurity vendor Clearswift in 2019 and email security specialist Agari in May 2021, the Minneapolis-based vendor now offers two robust quality solutions for managing and securing organization communications.

Clearswift solutions include Secure Email Gateway (SEG) for advanced multi-layer security, Secure Exchange Gateway (SXG) for compliance-focused buyers, and an advanced DLP add-on (ARgon for Email). For Agari, organizations can choose from standalone or bundled solutions for threat intelligence, defending email accounts, protecting brand communications, and remediating email-based attacks."

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