Agent Support for Fortra Vulnerability Management

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Extending our Powerful Agentless Scanning to Support Offline and Remote Assets

Remote workers and off-line assets have always been a challenge for vulnerability management teams. They are tasked with understanding the risk these hard-tomanage and often uncontrolled assets pose to their infrastructure. Additionally, remote endpoints are often missed during automated assessments because of VPN challenges, sporadic connections to the corporate network, and long periods of off-line usage.

Agentless vulnerability scanning enables real- time performance, better prioritization, and drastically reduces false positive scan results. However, the explosion in working from home has made it necessary for organizations to adopt new approaches for better securing their critical assets. Agent-based scanning provides the added, real-time coverage that security teams need to get an accurate understanding of the complete risk posture of distributed networks.


Fortra VM Agent-Based Scanning

Agent is a Fortra Vulnerability Management (Fortra VM) scanning add-on, ensuring visibility into endpoints even when they are not easily accessible via on-premise network-based scanning. Digital Defense’s agent technology is a true SaaS cloud-based solution that can easily scan, analyze, and correlate patch scan results across your entire on-premise and remote infrastructure to provide a more accurate view of your company-wide risk.

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