Case Study: Vulnerability Management
Michigan Catholic Conference


Case Study: Vulnerability Management and Pen Testing help improve network security and protect members' sensitive data.

Michigan Catholic Conference Security Solution

While Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC) represents the Catholic Church in Michigan on public policy matters, it also provides a variety of insurance options, including health and life insurance as well as retirement benefits for over 10,000 Catholic employees and 12,000 retirees.  The organization is trusted by its many members to protect their valuable personal information and other sensitive data.

Security Necessities

As the organization has grown, so has the cyber threat landscape, and MCC’s security team realized they were quickly outgrowing their cybersecurity coverage; they needed something more responsive than what they had in place and a solution that provided scalability. To keep their security posture strong, MCC also needed better visibility into their network and an effective yet efficient way to find vulnerabilities and prioritize them for remediation.

 “Fortra VM helps me maintain my goal of remediating medium and high vulnerabilities within a day.” -  Ryan Bunce, Information Technology Manager

Case Study At-A-Glance:

Michigan Catholic Conference

Company: Michigan Catholic Conference
Size: 22,000+ Members
Business Impact:
  • Vulnerability Management GPA (score) prioritizes vulnerabilities, speeding up remediation time
  • Regular Pen Testing Services find exploitable weaknesses, validate remediation
  • Easy network device addition and segmentation for added network security

The Cybersecurity Solutions

MCC selected Fortra VM (formerly Frontline VM) for its vulnerability management solution and were happy to find that the solution was easy to install so they could be up and running quickly. Fortra VM and its Network Security GPA (score) provides the team with an intuitive security posture metric making it easy for them to monitor and report on how secure the network is at any given time. The easy-to-read overview of security GPA shows the vulnerabilities, assesses the threat level, and offers tips for remediation. This helped improve the team’s time to remediation for medium/high vulnerabilities. For MCC, it’s important to be able to add additional network devices and if needed segment them away from the main network. Fortra VM makes it simple for the team to do that themselves, on demand. Role based access control and permissions to view and access assets and scanning ensure data security and network integrity.

For those instances when MCC has worked with Fortra's customer support, the team has always received prompt service from a customer advocate.

“I appreciate that there is a live person that always responds within a day. That kind of customer support is incredibly helpful.”
-  Ryan Bunce, Information Technology Manager

The security team at MCC provides added protection for its members’ and their data by having a layered security strategy that includes penetration testing services as well as VM.  Regular pen tests help ensure there are no new exploitable vulnerabilities. If any new vulnerabilities are found, the MCC team can remediate. They gain added piece of mind after remediation by using Fortra VM to rescan the network to validate that the fixes put in place are effective.

The ability to have VM and penetration testing in the same interface helps the team operate efficiently. Additionally, Fortra VM’s unlimited scanning helps MCC keep costs down as they are not charged per scan.

The Results

They received “Fortra’s Top 30 Business for highest GPA score” award for their efforts securing their network. Fortra annually reviews progress made by organizations in their cybersecurity journey. This helps IT teams gauge incremental changes in the interface and supports and strengthens on-going cybersecurity efforts. This can help leadership see effective results for this recognition. Layered security scanning plus pen testing keeps vulnerabilities low and risks at a minimum.

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