Broadway Bank Case Study


The Challenge

With a network environment growing and evolving to further strengthen the longevity of a 73-year-old financial institution, the Broadway Bank Information Technology (IT) department sought a proactive and automated security solution to provide a holistic view of its network infrastructure and endpoints and their respective vulnerabilities.

The Solution Digital

Defense offered a comprehensive solution through their flagship managed network vulnerability scanning service, Vulnerability Lifecycle Management - Professional (VLM-Pro), a solution that combines cutting-edge technology with the unparalleled expertise of a Personal Security Analyst (PSA). The technology accurately inventories network assets and encompasses high speed vulnerability scanning and comprehensive reporting tools. This increased the effectiveness of IT staff in remediating vulnerabilities and strengthened the overall security posture of the organization. Resources were maximized thanks to DD’s PSA, serving as an extension to the Broadway Bank team, effectively helping to prioritize and mitigate potential risks.

Sonny Montiel, CISSP, Vice President, Network Security Officer at Broadway Bank, reflects on the organization’s security state in 2008. “Our strong and stable network infrastructure was growing and we knew we had to find a means to accurately and efficiently assess the security posture of our systems. We required automated methods to audit our networks and to replace obsolete and ineffective methods. After extensive due diligence, we honed in on the cost-effective answer to address our security concerns, DD’s VLM-Pro, a vulnerability assessment and management solution inclusive of a database comprised of information on thousands of known network security vulnerabilities. VLM-Pro offers Broadway Bank IT the intelligence to protect our infrastructure from particular vulnerabilities.”

The Results

VLM-Pro was implemented with the assistance of an impressive and knowledgeable DD support team, assuring the Broadway Bank IT Department achieved its objective, gaining a clear view of vulnerable endpoints on its network and the recommended solutions to remediate them.

The Broadway Bank IT Department found VLM-Pro to be an intuitive and proactive vulnerability management system with powerful features designed to help secure their networks and information assets. Taking advantage of both scheduled and ad-hoc security scans helped Broadway Bank IT staff identify vulnerabilities and prioritize remediation based on the risk ratings.

VLM-Pro exceeded client expectations and provided exceptional value. The cutting-edge technology, combined with the personalized guidance of a PSA, was very appealing to bank management, as well as internal and external auditors. The improved security posture has demonstrated a proactive commitment to securing the institution’s valuable assets and customer and employee data.


Solution Spotlight: Vulnerability Lifecycle Management-Professional (VLM-Pro)

Today’s information security threats demand constant vigilance. Hackers, misinformed employees and lax security can put your critical business operations, profits and reputation at risk. At the same time, information security management now involves an ever-changing array of technologies, policies, processes and technical disciplines – vital resources that can be costly and complex for organizations to procure and maintain on their own.

Whether a company has three computers or 30,000, there is a universal truth that affects every organization – new software vulnerabilities are discovered every day and they need to be found and addressed in order to protect sensitive data.

Vulnerability scanning is a cornerstone element of any information security program. It is a method used to protect information assets by evaluating the security posture of the IP devices connected to computing networks across the globe on an individual IP or enterprise-wide basis.

DD’s Vulnerability Lifecycle Management – Professional (VLM-Pro), is a cloud-based managed scanning solution that helps relieve the burdens of information security management. It offers businesses of all sizes a unique solution of cutting-edge technology, combined with on-demand expertise from DD’s Personal Security Analyst (PSA).

DD’s PSAs help identify security vulnerabilities in computing networks and effectively support remediation efforts at a fraction of the cost of hiring security resources. Our proven technology and support assists in rapidly increasing the protection of an organization’s sensitive information.

  • Respond quickly to vulnerabilities that exist within your organization’s network and environment
  • Effectively allocate your time and resources, improving your security posture and ROI
  • Benefit from patent-pending scanning technology
  • Bolster security with on-demand access to analysis and expert consultative insight from a dedicated PSA
  • Demonstrate the value of your information security investment to clients, employees, shareholders and auditors


Throughout its history since 1941, the Broadway Bank leadership team has guided its course with careful and sound decisions that have enabled it to become one of the largest, strongest, independent and best capitalized banks in San Antonio, Austin, and surrounding communities. Similarly, to better serve its customers, investments in technology rose along with a network of more sophisticated information systems and a fortified security posture.

"An effective security program is multifaceted, and its success relies on people, technology, education and thoroughly-vetted processes and procedures to adapt to the ever-changing cyber threat landscape. VLM-Pro is a security solution which plays a critical role in Broadway Bank's defense-in depth approach to security - a tremendous value to IT and Enterprise Risk Management staff - and ultimately to the Bank's entire customer base."

- Sonny Montiel, CISSP Vice President, Network Security Officer Broadway Bank

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