Request a Free Scan for CVE-2023-30990 - Unauthenticated RCE in IBM i DDM Service


When new zero-days and other wide-spread vulnerabilities are discovered, it’s important your organization act fast to identify and assess your exposure.    

Digital Defense is offering a free Frontline Vulnerability Manager scan that enables you to quickly check your internet-facing assets for the CVE-2023-30990 - Unauthenticated RCE in IBM i DDM Service 

Simply request the scan and one of our experts will reach out to coordinate. The process is simple and will provide you with an actionable report outlining your areas of risk regarding this vulnerability. 

You’ll need a list of IPs, IP ranges, or FQDNs to scan. 

What you’ll get:  

  • A list of at-risk assets  
  • Details about at-risk assets  
  • Vulnerability details 

Your scan results may identify at-risk assets or confirm you have this vulnerability secured. Either way it’s best to be in the know.

Get your free scan today!