How Dirty Is Your Data? – Calculate Your Risk

By Fortra's Digital Defense

Over the past year, I’ve been exploring common challenges security analysts across the country are facing, and working to find answers to questions that I am often asked:

  • How do I know that my vulnerability management tool is reporting my endpoint security risk accurately?
  • Why do I see reports indicating vulnerabilities as having been fixed when my team knows that they have not been?
  • How do I communicate the security posture of my organization to executive management when I’m not sure of the accuracy of the data?

After extensive research into these questions, I have found there to be a serious limitation within most commercially available vulnerability management systems, and where these solutions are producing dirty data and causing security experts to dance around the issues.

Did you know?

  • Over time, network devices move and change, resulting in chaos within VM system asset views.
  • Inaccurate scan-to-scan network endpoint tracking results and the systems that use them are causing security teams to waste valuable resources, chasing down an inordinate number of false positive vulnerabilities.
  • Research shows that host network characteristics change at dramatic rates for server machines over a short period of time.

Are you confident that your VM data isn’t dirty? Would you put your professional reputation on the line to defend the results your scanning tool is providing?

We invite you to calculate your risk through our Dirty Data Calculator.

Stop dancing around the dirty data issues. Know your security posture and take the right steps to defend your data.

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