Key Users

Of course, vulnerability management is core to security management.  But it supports other IT management use cases as well.  The ability to quickly, effectively and accurately scan endpoints and their vulnerability profiles can add value well beyond security management.

Asset Management

The first step for any viable endpoint security and compliance effort is comprehensive, and more importantly – accurate – asset visibility.  The lack thereof virtually assures your vulnerability management decisions will be either incomplete, inaccurate or both – leading to a waste of precious security team time, as well as operating with an unnecessary security risk. Digital Defense Frontline is recognized by reputable third party agencies as the industry’s most accurate vulnerability scanner and manager for both point in time and over time scan results – providing the best foundation for comprehensive asset management.

Security Management

Security management is simply the identification of an organization’s information assets, followed by the development and implementation of policies and procedures for protecting those assets. Security management procedures – including asset classification, risk assessment, and vulnerability prioritization – are the key to the implementation of effective controls.  Vulnerability management appeals directly to nearly every aspect of security management.

Risk Management

No organization will ever have enough budget, resources or foresight of malice to completely eliminate cyber risk.  Therefore, ongoing risk management will always be required to identify and analyze the potential for cyber attack, and the potential impact of financial and operational cost, as well as what it’s worth to spend trying to prevent an occurrence of some magnitude.  There is no way to make this an exact science. But comprehensive, accurate and prioritized asset and vulnerability visibility are core to practical risk management analysis and mitigation.

Compliance Management

Simply stated, compliance management is the process of ensuring that a set of people and systems are following a given set of rules. It can take the form of a mix of policies, procedures, documentation, internal auditing, third party audits, security controls, and technological enforcement. Strong vulnerability management is an essential element of virtually any form of security compliance management.  But, in particular, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a key security standard that must be addressed by each organization that handles credit cards from major card providers including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. The presumption is that if every merchant adheres to the stated security standard, an effective security benchmark will have been established, thus providing protection for all involved. Yet, credit card breaches continue to make headline news. Digital Defense offers industry leading vulnerability assessment, vulnerability management, and best practice compliance guidance to organizations across all verticals and sizes.
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