Cyber Risk Management Tools & Tactics

Law firms continue to be a primary target for cyber criminals looking to gain access to intellectual property, trade secrets and other business capital. FBI officials have warned many times that law firms are at a high risk and need to be more proactive to keep confidential information safe.

Managing the risks is not always easy. As attacks continue to increase, firms are expected to evolve their processes and technologies based on their level of risk.

Watch recognized information security professionals as they peel back the onion on a layered concept for managing cyber risk through a methodical approach to information gathering, prioritization, and remediation.

Are You Vulnerable to Ransomware Malware?

Ransomware incidents are happening to organizations of all sizes at alarming rates. All industries are at risk of being a vulnerable to cyber criminals seeking to hold data hostage for hefty fees by encrypting it on infected computers.

To better understand innovative ways to face the challenge of ransomware malware head on, we invite you listen to Gordon MacKay, DDI Chief Technology Officer and guest speaker, John Kindervag, Forrester VP/Principal Analyst, explore challenges, and recommendations on how to take a proactive approach to defend against a ransomware attack.

It’s About Time Vulnerability Management Evolves

Join guest speaker, Forrester Principal Analyst, Jeff Pollard, and Digital Defense, Inc. Chief Technology Officer Gordon MacKay for a webinar that explores vulnerability scanning practices, as well as the bigger picture of vulnerability management, and how a shift in the implementation of both can yield improvements in productivity and effectiveness, bolstering security and mitigating risk.

Frontline Vulnerability Manager is Here: Experience A New Way to Manage Vulnerabilities

Are you frustrated with network vulnerability scanning services that deliver more inaccurate results and frustration than value?

Go beyond vulnerability scanning and experience a true vulnerability management solution: Frontline Vulnerability Manager (Frontline VM) – A progressive and intuitive vulnerability management platform that makes security manageable!

Iceberg Security: Hidden Dangers of Downplaying Vulnerability Assessment Results

We invite you to attend an eye-opening, thought provoking webinar hosted by Dana Morrow, Manager, Security & Compliance Operations for Digital Defense.

Doing the Math: Preventative vs. IR Solutions Webinar

We invite you to attend a thought-provoking webinar, hosted by Gordon MacKay, DDI’s Chief Technology Officer, who will speak on how a mathematically based investigation resulted in key findings that offer perspective into reducing the risk of a breach.

FFIEC Guidance Meets SANS Top 20 Compliance:
Security Solutions to Address Your Needs

We invite you to join our Chief Information Officer, Tom DeSot, as he helps to answer the question commonly asked by financial institutions across the country: Which comes first, compliance or security?

Addressing a Critical Vulnerability Management Problem

Scanning a network, devices or applications for security vulnerabilities may not tell the whole story or even tell the true story. IP addresses and host names are a moving target, constantly changing. This leads to frustration and potentially remediation of the wrong assets while broken assets may remain unevaluated and vulnerable. And the problem is worse as organizations use cloud environments.

In this sponsored podcast, Security Current’s Vic Wheatman speaks with security expert Tom DeSot, CIO of Digital Defense Inc., who talks about the problem and offers ways to mitigate.

Hijacking the Cloud: Systematic Risk in Datacenter Management Networks

Digital Defense, Inc. (DDI) was proud to be an exhibitor at the RSA Conference 2014. One of our many highlights included a presentation by DDI’s VP, Research & Development, Michael Cotton titled: Hijacking the Cloud: Systematic Risk in Datacenter Management Networks. Cotton shared his findings on how it is possible that a common vulnerability existing in large data centers was flying under the radar and how organizations can fight back and mitigate risks.

LegalSEC Industry Perspective Podcast

Law Firms around the country are anxious to determine the overall effectiveness of their information security programs and to understand if their practices are aligned with industry peers.

Please listen in as Meg Grant, Vice President, Marketing at Digital Defense and a LegalSec Vendor Advisory Team member reviews the results of the LegalSec Report,  A Study of the Legal Industry’s Information Security Assessment Practices. The report, published in August and released at ILTA Annual conference,  provides un-biased and relevant knowledge surrounding information security programs and  practices within  North American law firms.

Grant will highlight key findings and provide context surrounding all the results.