Penetration Testing for Web Applications

  • Are Your Web Applications Secure or A Hackers Next Target?
  • What if your website was down for a day?
  • How much revenue would be lost if you were unable to accept online payments for a week?
  • What if your system came crashing down by the hands of a hacker?
To fight a cyber criminal, sometimes you have to think like one.

It can be difficult for organizations to tell which of these web-based offerings are secure. DDI provides Web Application Penetration Testing (WAPT) to ensure your, internally or third-party developed, web-based applications do not introduce unforeseen vulnerabilities that can ultimately lead to hacks and breaches and jeopardize corporate or customer data.

Phase 1

Automated Testing

 Phase 2


Phase 3

Document Findings

Phase 4

Provide Detailed Reporting & Remediation Steps

Phase One of the WAPT utilizes a variety of sophisticated and automated software tools to:

  • Perform in-depth analysis of Internet and Intranet-based web applications
  • Detect common and unique web application vulnerabilities
  • Deliver technical reports in a “green” digital format

In Phase Two, certified DDI security analysts utilize specialized Black Box and White Box techniques and other intensive tactics to further test the application. They also expose the web application to attack scenarios common to those experienced in a “real world” setting.

The security analysts conclude the web application testing process by documenting the evaluation findings and remediation steps to be utilized for discovered issues. The final report is then delivered to you via Frontline™ Solutions Platfrom – DDI’s secure, centralized, online report repository.