Frontline Pro™

Introducing your personal network security analyst

Frontline Pro

What is Frontline Pro™?

Frontline Pro provides the same industry leading solution subscription as Frontline Advanced, but adds a Personal Security Analyst (PSA). PSAs perform the work of running your scans, analyzing the results, generating reports, and providing direct remediation planning guidance for you, as opposed to your security team doing that themselves. It’s the ultimate outsource for all size organizations and is especially attractive for organizations that have limited security management time or expertise.

And it’s not the “throw it over the wall” model seen with many “expert assist” programs. Our PSA will work right alongside you to help define requirements, craft strategy, and effectively execute a vulnerability management program tailored to your organization’s needs. Together with the Client Support Advocate, your PSA ensures your vulnerability management program needs are met from the get go and throughout the life of the relationship.

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