Threats to your information security can come in many forms.

Unaware employees, poor design of your network architecture, insecure modems, or a lack of physical site security can also lead to malicious attacks and breaches.

To thwart a hacker, you must be able to think like one.

Our certified Security Analysts use the same skills and methods employed by malicious hackers in order to identify gaps or weak points in your physical and technical environments.

Social engineering is a primary way attackers can gain access to information held by your organization.  People are often the weakest link, however if properly educated, they can be your first line of defense against targeted attacks. To mitigate this risk, DDI can conduct an examination into the security awareness and behavior practices of your employees, contractors and patrons. DDI evaluates your organization’s susceptibility through an on premise or remote assessment mimicking real-world tactics used by hackers.

Onsite Social Engineering

An Onsite Social Engineering assessment can help test the strength of your security and provide an accurate and more thorough representation of your employees’ security awareness.

Remote Social Engineering

Remote Social Engineering is ideally performed on a semi-annual basis to provide an accurate representation of your employees’ security awareness. It includes a wide range of attacks, each specially designed to give important information on employee reactions.