Security Spotlight Production Highlights

Social engineering, system issues and employee and third-party negligence are all contributing factors to security breaches. Just as you take precautions to protect networks from attack, it is essential that you also effectively educate your workforce on how to defend against an attack.

Are your employees creating secure passwords?

What is the likelihood that your employees could fall victim  to a phishing attack?

How confident are you that one of your employees wouldn’t  be the root cause of a ransomware attack?

One way to help educate and fight cyber crime is to leverage the Digital Defense, Inc. Security Spotlight animations created by the same company that brought the industry recognized security awareness training program SecurED®, well known for delivering training content on the most relevant information security topics combined with security expertise and comedic Hollywood talent.

Security Spotlights are 60-90 second fun and entertaining animations  that will effectively raise awareness around today’s hottest security topics  and reinforce the importance of information security best practices to  your employees.


Los Angeles Production Studio

Not all animation is created equal. Behind each of these clever Security Spotlights is a highly experienced team of Los-Angeles based animation specialists, currently producing wellknown animated television programs. From concept to finish, each animation was created with precision, resulting in unique and cutting edge vignettes.

Hollywood Directors and Writers

At the heart of the Security Spotlights is the comedic delivery of the security information.  Sharp and witty, these animations were conceived by a Writers Guild Awards (WGA) award winning and Emmy® nominated comedy sketch writer who is the talent behind some of the most popular television and radio series on the air today. Directed by an in-demand short  film and television series talent, the animations are like no other in the delivery of security  information with a humorous twist.

Hollywood Animators

Animation experts are highly sought after talent these days. The Security Spotlights were  created by an award-winning Hollywood animation team recognized for their work on  ground- breaking television programming. State-of-the art animation technology has brought the characters to life, communicating key security principles through a medium that will  resonate with customers and employees who will find the information relevant and engaging.



3 Ways to Use Security Spotlights to Improve Information Security

1. Build A Powerful Defense Against Cybercrime

Arm employees with the required knowledge to thwart  information security intrusions designed to help train,  educate and reinforce a security aware employee base.

2. Use All Tools Available to Fight Hackers

Kick off a new way of training and create maximum excitement  and support by leveraging a fun and enjoyable security awareness  training program.

3. Improve Your Teams’ Security IQ

Easily deploy fun and engaging animated videos to all employees  regardless of keeping security training top of mind. Easy and  convenient, these videos will be accessible from multiple platforms  (PC, laptop, iPad/tablet or mobile device).

Security Spotlight Topics

Password Security

Password Security

Phishing Protection

Phishing Protection

Ransomware Prevention

Ransomware Prevention






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