Security Analyst Force Multiplication Enabled

by Digital Defense’s SaaS Platforms


While organizations in the public and private sectors continue to struggle with shortages of people trained to fill the numerous information security jobs currently available, Digital Defense, Inc. (Digital Defense) has continued to invest in Research & Development (R&D).  This investment consistently produces Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms and scanning solutions that either replicates security analyst functions and/or dramatically improves analyst productivity.  This force multiplying R&D investment has enabled Digital Defense to effectively respond to the needs of its rapidly expanding partner network.  Our success with partners is evidenced by our averaging approximately 100% year-over-year new sales growth from our partner network over the past several years.

Managed Security Service Providers, System Integrators, Technology Alliance Partners, and Value Added Resellers typically come to Digital Defense for the following reasons.  First of all, partners want to leverage Digital Defense’s award winning SaaS platforms, built with its patented technology and integration application programing interfaces, to offer powerful security automation solutions to their customers.  Secondly partners want to capitalize on Digital Defense’s industry recognized professional services which includes, but is not limited to network and application penetration testing as well as a broad array of environmental assessments.

For Do-It-Yourself (DIY) partners seeking powerful tools that maximize the productivity of their security personnel Digital Defense has solutions that rapidly deploy and automatically adjust to the partners’ customer environments.  Rather than spending countless hours configuring security tools so the tools actually work, partner security personnel are quickly getting results and reducing security risk for the customers they are serving.

For partners wanting to provide their customers with expert advice from an independent security firm Digital Defense has a broad portfolio of professional services delivered by well credentialed security analysts.  Furthermore, Digital Defense security analysts leverage the company’s SaaS platforms to efficiently provide high quality services to partner customers.

Digital Defense’s Frontline™ technology underpins both the tools and professional services the company offers.  The technology includes capabilities such as:

  • Longitudinal vulnerability management featuring the unique ability to keep track of IT assets over time in dynamic networks without the use of agents – a huge timesaver for DIY partner resources.
  • Cross-context auditing enabling partner resources to leverage peer information during network security scanning to produce more comprehensive assessment results – a more hacker-like analysis.
  • Dynamic report builder enabling security analysts to leverage time saving resources like an ever increasing set of standardized note sets for rapid results reporting – a high quality reporting solution providing more effective remediation guidance.
  • Lastly Digital Defense employs an innovative approach to customer support. We are proud to say our support has resulted in a Net Promoter score of 78 which puts Digital Defense in an elite group of companies that are known for exceeding the expectations of customers.

In closing partners of Digital Defense are profiting from Digital Defense’s capabilities.  Customers of Digital Defense’s partners are able to rapidly protect their information assets as a result of the partner leveraging Digital Defense platforms and/or professional services.