No More Boring Training!
Security training is no joke. Ours is as entertaining as
it is effective.

While most organizations place a high focus on employing safeguards for their networks, technology is only one piece of the equation. Organizations must effectively employ information security education for their employees to fend of attacks which target human vulnerabilities.

Digital Defense is helping companies protect vital business data with SecurED®, an entertaining security awareness training program developed in collaboration with an Emmy® award winning comedy writer. The industry recognized training features fun, engaging characters to leverage the “stickiness factor” required to optimize employee retention of serious security intelligence and best practices.

Training Module Packages Include:

  • Training videos for easy viewing on PC, tablet and mobile devices
  • Test questions
  • Program marketing communications
  • Break-room reminder posters

Training Topics Include:

  • Acceptable Use of Computer Systems
  • Installing Software from Unknown Sources
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Onsite Social Engineering
  • Password Development and Security
  • Physical Security
  • Preventing Virus and Malware Outbreaks
  • Remote Social Engineering
  • Safe Web Browsing
  • Securing Protected Data
  • Social Media Dangers
  • Using Cloud Services Safely

High Impact Information Security Education

In a Ponemon study, the efficacy of SecurED was revealed:

  • SecurED outperforms the alternative training interventioPonemonn by 300% in long term gains
  • Subjects perceive SecurED as more relevant to their job functions than the alternative
  • All three SecurED training modules tested in the study held consistently positive results.  With respect to quiz performance, subjects on average scored above an 80% correct response rate.
  • 88% of subjects perceive SecurED as enjoyable and worthwhile.
  • A majority of subjects believe security training should be rolled out top down rather than bottom up, indicating that senior executives taking the time to do security training is helpful in demonstrating the importance of information risk management.

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DDI Offers a Hosted Solution:
For organizations wanting to streamline the delivery of the SecurED program, Digital Defense is offering CoursePacks – training delivered on a hosted platform via a bundle of “Course Starts”, the mechanism by which a learner begins a SecurED module.

Are you a small business (500 employees or less) looking to educate your staff on how to improve information security? Get the training that the enterprise organizations deploy for less.


SecurED Case Study

Learn more about how SecurED is proving to be a Sound Investment with the DDI Security Awareness Case Study