Lessons learned from the JPMorgan Chase & Anthem Security Breaches

Within the past two years, data breaches have exploded and organizations of all sizes and within all industries have fallen victim. Not all data breaches are equal. In many cases, the attackers’ motives differ.

However, in all cases there are common attributes that likely contributed to compromises:

  1. Insufficient preventive solutions
  2. Technology solutions present but not effectively being utilized
  3. Solutions present for some coverage but did not include all required assets

Gordon MacKay, Digital Defense's Chief Technology Officer, has released the white paper, Does Root Cause Analysis Support Guidance by Experts to Shift Spending? Doing the Math: Lessons learned from the JPMorgan Chase and Anthem Security Breaches, that shows how organizations should select preventive solutions based on insights from the probability of a data breach formula. Findings indicate a reduction of incidents directly translates to a reduction in data breaches.

“A recent shift in guidance regarding allocated spending on security breaches from select industry experts and “think tank organizations left me dumbfounded. Said experts recommend organizations accept a data breach is inevitable and therefore reduce spending in preventive technology in favor of incident response solutions which help detect and respond to a breach that has already occurred. To help me regain my intellectual peace, I returned to my one true place of academic sanctuary – my math books.”

-Gordon MacKay

Digital Defense, Inc. Chief Technology Officer

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