Cybersecurity in a Changed World: 2021 Trends and 2022 Predictions

By Fortra Staff

If 2020 seemed like an anomaly, 2021 proved to us that it’s time to get comfortable with the transformed reality. Remote work, intended as a temporary response to COVID-19, is now an increasingly standardized way to operate. With face-to-face operations no longer the norm, numerous organizations have shifted to a technology-driven strategy.

We’ve seen an increase in initiatives like self-service or online purchases, as well as an upturn in remote events, with many new or established conferences choosing to go virtual. Businesses are also investing in technology more than ever, growing their IT infrastructure with new software and IoT devices. However, as can be expected, new or enhanced cybersecurity threats went hand and hand with this unexpected digital renaissance.

In this on-demand webinar, join Fortra thought leaders as they discuss the key cybersecurity trends and challenges they saw in 2021 and speculate on what’s to come in 2022, offering advice on how to prepare for what’s ahead.

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