COVID-19 Work-From-Home Security Resource Center

By Fortra's Digital Defense

The team at Digital Defense is tracking today’s changing security landscape as it continues to evolve in the wake of the global pandemic.

We’ve researched vulnerabilities and threats, including malware scams, related to the global COVID-19 pandemic and compiled a series of cybersecurity resources. These are designed for organizations to share with staff and end-users as they work from home to increase their security awareness as malicious actors work to exploit the situation around the world.

Malware Threats Intensify with COVID-19 Exploits - Animated Guide

We’ve created the short animated guide below that reviews these widespread malware attacks and how to keep your workers safe and prevent malware infections.

Pandemic Cyber Response - Blogs and Podcasts

Navigating the changing infrastructure of Information Security during COVID19 pandemic

In this timely 20-minute podcast, Digital Defense’s Chief Revenue Officer, Bob Layton joins Doug Goodall, Managing Director for Managed Service Provider, Emtec to discuss how organizations are navigating the security challenges of moving to a remote workforce model and the changing infrastructure of information security during COVID-19. Listen here.

From Stop-Gap to Sustainable: Securing IT’s New Normal

The global pandemic is challenging the world to creatively and intelligently adapt to rapid change. People and organizations must define their new normal while adjusting to sweeping modifications such as social distancing and extensive remote work. Read more.

Working from Home Exposes Corporate Assets to Infection

As a response to the COVID-19 (novel Coronavirus) outbreak, many companies are enacting Work-From-Home (WFH) policies for their employees. Organizations are quickly realizing that the bulk of their business-critical operations and communications must be performed remotely. Read more.

Educational Cyber-Security Tips - Shareable

Hackers have an advantage right now because many newly remote workers aren’t well-versed in good cyber hygiene habits. They simply aren’t as prepared for the social engineering tricks used to propagate malware attempts because they have been operating within a protected corporate perimeter. Feel free to share any of these videos and tips with your staff and end-users.

Security Spotlight Videos

Now is the time to remind your end-users and staff about password security, ransomware traps, and phishing scams with these 3 short videos. Scroll below to view each topic:

Security Spotlight - Phishing

Hackers are targeting your employees with phishing attacks due to the shift to remote working. In this short animated video, a distracted employee almost falls prey to a phishing scam, view now.

Security Spotlight - Ransomware

Organizations are generally inclined to pay a ransom rather than risk interrupting the flow of business and losing consumer trust. In this short animated video, an employee receives ransomware stating their files have been captured. What will happen next?

Security Spotlight - Passwords

Your employees are the first line of defense when it comes to protecting your business’ data. This short animated video will show why now is not a good time to get comfortable with your passwords, check it out.

Top Ten WFH Tips from our CIO

wfh ten tips imageShare these 10 tips with your employees who are working remotely to help protect your information, your network, and your company assets.

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Bolster Your Advanced Endpoint Protection

AEP is quite good at blocking viruses and even zero-day malware using non-signature-based methods. However, it is vulnerable. This paper discusses some of AEP’s shortcomings as well as how to supplement the system with powerful threat assessment/detection solutions.

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