Gordon MacKay, CTO of Digital Defense, Inc. Shares Thoughts on Well-known Malware Mac Attacks

By Digital Defense Inc.

]With well-known malware threats directed against Mac computers and other devices running Apple operating systems, including the recent Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor backdoor threat and KeRanger ransomware, Apple-based systems are being attacked more. But, say security experts, the threats are more a sign of rising cyberattacks against all devices than any specific spike targeting Apple systems.

Every year for the last six years has been "the year of Mac malware," said Ryan Olson, director of threat intelligence for Palo Alto Networks, the firm credited with discovering KeRanger. Attacks against Macs "are growing for sure," he said. "But it's never been as huge of a problem as attacks against PCs."

The Problem with Macs

Mac attacks grew fourfold between 2010 and 2015, according to Gordon MacKay, CTO of Digital Defense, Inc. The conundrum for many Mac users is that they switch to Macs because the operating system tends to be more secure -- but as more switch, the Macs become a more lucrative target for hackers.

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