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By Fortra's Digital Defense

"Anyone familiar with managing a vulnerability scanner in the past 20 years will be able to do it in their sleep with Fortra Vulnerability Management. All the options we needed were there and they were exactly where we expected to find them."

We know our Fortra Vulnerability Manager (formerly Frontline VM) solution is the best option for organizations like yours who want to strengthen and streamline cybersecurity efforts. It is powerful, simple to use, and makes it easier for your IT team to and protect business critical assets. But don’t just take our word for it! This independent review by Security Weekly gives you insight into what industry experts are saying about Fortra VM including:

  • "Fortra VM is fast and simple to deploy."   
  • "Scans run quickly and results are easy to find."
  • "Dashboards are functional and useful, making it obvious when there are truly critical vulnerabilities that represent an imminent threat."

Read the full Fortra Vulnerability Manager Review here.

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