Frontline Announces Integration with Core Impact Penetration Testing Tool

By Fortra's Digital Defense

Core Security’s comprehensive penetration testing tool, Core Impact, can now import data from Frontline Vulnerability Manager 

Frontline VM customers know that vulnerability management is a cornerstone of any effective cybersecurity program, providing the essential steps of identifying network security vulnerabilities and prioritizing and managing their remediation. Penetration testing works with vulnerability management to significantly reduce cyber risk by taking those vulnerabilities and actively exploiting them.   

How Do Frontline VM and Core Impact Work Together?

The Core Impact tool enables security teams to conduct advanced pen tests themselves, using guided automations to safely exploit servers, endpoints, web applications, wireless networks, network devices, mobile devices, and other potential attack vectors to determine the risk level of security weaknesses. Core Impact penetration testing software can directly import scanning results from Frontline VM using this data to more efficiently run vulnerability validation tests. Core Impact will not only determine if any of the imported vulnerabilities can be exploited, but will also identify what business-critical assets and data can be accessed through that exploit.  It provides IT teams real-world risk context that is invaluable when planning and prioritizing remediation. These remediation efforts can later be validated using Core Impact as well. 

Pen Testing Software vs. Pen Testing Service

Core Impact penetration testing software provides guided automation and certified exploits to help teams safely, easily, and accurately test their own environments on-demand. Offering step-by-step wizards and rapid penetration tests, Core Impact streamlines the ad-hoc pen testing process so your team can discover, test and report in just a few simple steps. Core Impact  also provides an easy-to-follow and established automated framework that can support compliance requirements and standards, including PCI-DSS, CMMC, GDPR, and NIST. 

Frontline Pen Test penetration testing services utilize a team of certified ethical hackers that employ strategic methodologies to exploit network vulnerabilities using real world attack scenarios.  These hacking experts are well versed in compliance regulations, including PCI-DSS and HIPAA, and can provide guidance and recommendations for addressing security gaps. Analyst-driven penetration testing services are perfect for organizations looking to leverage security expertise for analysis of their network, or adopt security experts as an extension of their teams to provide support and professional guidance throughout the pen testing process.  Frontline Pen Test’s online reporting and remediation tracking resides within the Frontline.Cloud platform along with Frontline VM, offering one convenient portal for vulnerability assessment and penetration test findings.

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