Awarded US Patent For Cyber Security

By Fortra's Digital Defense

San Antonio, TX – October 11, 2012 – Digital Defense, Inc. (DDI), a leading provider of managed security risk assessment solutions, announces the issuance of U.S. Patent No.8,266,320 to Mark Bell, Executive Vice President, Operations and others for the early design of a training system for computer network defense. This cyber defense training system is the first-of-its-kind training system and has been accepted as the national standard for cyber defense and security training, certification and competition. Most notably, it is now the test foundation for the national competition, CyberPatriot, where high school student teams compete to test their knowledge and practice of information security and cyber competency using real-world exercises.

DDI’s Mark Bell, previously a Senior Systems Engineer with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), was a primary developer on the team that expanded the idea for this first live exercise that effectively trains students to defend and maintain availability of a network under attack by hackers. Development of this training system filled a gap where there was a lack of meaningful and realistic training on how to respond to and mitigate cyber threats. An individual’s only exposure to handling real-world vulnerability discovery and remediation was by experiencing network security issues as they happened in a production environment.

In developing the initial concept Bell noted, “The system consists of an enterprise asset subsystem to be defended and runs multiple operating systems, support services, and application programs. The training program sets up and runs exercise scenarios and scores performance of identification of threats, remediation of vulnerabilities and defense against exploits.”

Initially, the program was built for the military and business environment and quickly gained acceptance and use across the country. Eventually, the program expanded to CyberPatriot for the younger generation, eager to hone their cyber security skills in an engaging, fun way.

Beyond its core business of expert vulnerability management services, each year DDI stays actively involved with local San Antonio high schools and their CyberPatriot teams - teaching, training and supporting - carrying on the legacy started by Bell and giving back to the community for the advancement of cyber security programs that defend and thwart harmful attacks. DDI is a sponsor of the Southwest High School CyberPatriot team. The “Adopt-A-School” model created by DDI is being used by the San Antonio Greater Chamber of Commerce to facilitate additional business and education collaborations surrounding school Cyber Security programs.

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