Hacking With BSides Conference Sponsorship

By Fortra's Digital Defense

San Antonio, TX – April 25, 2013 – Texas is home to companies and events that launch groundbreaking technology applications and ideas. Just as technology has evolved, hacking techniques have become more sophisticated, highlighting the need for robust data security for businesses of all sizes. A supporter of industry-wide collaboration, Digital Defense, Inc. (DDI), a San Antonio-based corporation and national leader in managed security risk assessment solutions, is proud to be a BSidesTexas sponsor and participate in the San Antonio security event scheduled for May 4th. B-sides, a non-profit organization, has long been a key player in the cyber community, helping to educate and promote the importance of effective information security.

“Security breaches can be costly to remediate and devastating to an organization’s reputation,” said DDI President & CEO, Larry Hurtado. “We’re proud to participate in grassroots InfoSec events, with a respected professional community like BSides, to help foster out-of-the box thinking that is critical to thwarting cyber-criminal attacks.”

Last year, Norton Cybercrime reported that close to half of online adults have fallen victim to attacks such as malware, viruses, hacking, scams, fraud and theft[i], emphasizing the importance of the InfoSec community through organizations like BSides. These events encourage the sharing of ideas sparking innovative solutions that help reduce risk and secure sensitive information. This year DDI will have a strong presence as thought-leaders in the data security space. Samuel Shapiro, Security Specialist and Mike Cotton, Chief Network Security Architect, will be presenting at the highly attended event. DDI has also recently participated in the BSidesAustin event and is scheduled to attend BSides Dallas-Ft Worth in November 2013.

In addition to presenting at BSidesTexas events, experts from DDI’s security team are key members of the BSides SanAntonio planning committee. As leaders in the industry, DDI’s experts have insights into the latest threats and comprehensive knowledge of how to safeguard crucial data.

“We’re extremely grateful to the DDI team for sponsoring and participating in the BSidesTexas events,” said Michelle Klinger, President of BSidesTexas. “One of the unique things about BSides is that each conference is produced by and for information security professionals, and that’s a crucial factor in developing an effective local InfoSec community. With the renewed emphasis on high tech activities in Texas, now is a great time for the local InfoSec community to come together again at the upcoming BSidesTexas conferences.”

In addition to DDI’s involvement with BSides, their ongoing sponsorship of the San Antonio CyberPatriot program, along with multiple cyber events, reinforces the company’s commitment to helping organizations build a culture of security in the Lone Star state – and around the world.

DDI is gaining recognition for their unique approach to evaluating organizational security through risk assessments and security awareness education. The company has been recently featured in the Wall Street Journal and Fox Business News.

To find out more about DDI, please visit www.ddifrontline.com. Discover more about the upcoming BSidesTexas events at https://bsidestexas.com/.

[i] https://now-static.norton.com/now/en/pu/images/Promotions/2012/cybercrimeReport/2012_Norton_Cybercrime_Report_Master_FINAL_050912.pdf

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