Digital Defense, Inc. Recognized as a Top 10 Security Solution Provider

By Fortra's Digital Defense

Unlike other businesses, companies in the insurance sector are continuously being bombarded with the ever-changing regulations and guidelines for protecting their data. To meet these regulations and protect their sensitive data from being at risk, insurers today are building effective strategies. From gathering and analyzing data on the potential security risks through actively monitoring third party touch points, a major part of these strategies are executed by security solution providers who are continuously innovating their solutions.


These security solution providers help companies build a robust cyber security program that ensure security and reliability. While there are hundreds of solutions providers in the market, companies in the insurance sector look out for enterprise-level solutions that will understand the sensitivity of their data, meet the compliance constraints and protect their network and assets. In this scenario, a team of prominent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, along with the Insurance CIO Outlook editorial board has evaluated scores of security solution providers in the insurance realm and picked out a list of prime choices. The companies featured in this edition deliver innovative solutions that help protect their client’s information and educate the public about cyber risks, with aim of reducing the security challenges.


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