Digital Defense Helps Broadway Bank Strengthen Data Defenses

By Fortra's Digital Defense

To a financial institution that holds nearly $3 billion dollars in assets, information security is more than just a goal. It’s a promise to every one of its customers that their funds and information are protected from those with malicious intent. When Broadway Bank sought to take a step further in fortifying their information security efforts, they turned to Digital Defense, Inc.

"Protecting our customers’ sensitive financial account information from data security breaches is a top priority," said Sonny Montiel, CISSP, Broadway Bank, Vice President, Network Security Officer. The challenge of keeping up with the ever-changing security landscape to insulate our customers from increasingly sophisticated criminals is much more manageable with a partner like Digital Defense."

Broadway Bank’s IT team implemented Digital Defense’s Vulnerability Lifecycle Management (VLM)-Pro with the help of Digital Defense’s support team, and immediately started seeing results, including a much clearer view of vulnerable endpoints on its network and recommendations for addressing them. In the end, VLM-Pro’s intuitiveness and proactive approach to vulnerability management has made it an essential piece of Broadway Bank’s overall information security plan.

"VLM-Pro is a security solution which plays a critical role in Broadway Bank’s defense-in-depth approach to security—a tremendous value to IT and Enterprise Risk Management staff—and ultimately to the Bank’s entire customer base," said Montiel.

More information can be found in Digital Defense’s recently published Broadway Bank case study.

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