Award Winning Smart Grid Security Services Unveiled

By Fortra's Digital Defense

San Antonio, TX & Baton Rouge, LA – August 10, 2011 – Digital Defense, Inc., today announced they will be joining UtiliWorks Consulting, LLC (UtiliWorks) at the DOE Smart Grid CyberSecurity Information Exchange in Chicago on August 23rd to discuss the deployment of effective security solutions for Smart Grid applications. Since forming a partnership in November 2009, Digital Defense and UtiliWorks have worked together to help local government entities and utilities understand how to secure IT infrastructure and protect it from Cyber attack.

“Helping utility clients lower risk and expand benefits in technology deployments is the cornerstone of our business,” stated Dale Pennington, Managing Director of UtiliWorks. “Our partnership with Digital Defense enables us to provide our clients with world-class information security solutions from seasoned security analysts.”

“UtiliWorks is a great partner,” proclaimed Larry R. Hurtado, president and CEO of Digital Defense. “Our service offerings are truly complementary and both organizations want to deliver exceptional value to clients. Combining our proven security offerings with a recognized leader in the Smart Grid arena was a smart choice for both firms.”

UtiliWorks identified several Digital Defense services that complemented their project efforts. Through both technology automation, as found in Digital Defense’s Frontline Solutions Platform and Frontline Client Portal, and affordable pricing, organizations are able to secure their networks and attain regulatory compliance within their existing security budgets.

About UtiliWorks Consulting, LLC.

UtiliWorks Consulting, LLC is a professional services company that helps utility clients assess, design, procure and deploy advanced metering systems. Our processes, people and analysis tool, UtiliWorks InsightTM, prepare customers to effectively execute a wide range of energy initiatives.

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