InfoSec Report: Insight 2016

A Benchmarking study for security professionals

Organizations in all industries face the challenge of defending against a devastating information security breach. Security professionals are tasked to stay ahead of the risks and leverage technologies, policies and procedures to defend against incoming attacks and protect sensitive data.

Digital Defense, Inc., a leader in Vulnerability Management, understands the challenges and is committed to helping Information Security professionals mitigate risks with the Insight 2016, an exclusive benchmark study that provides key intelligence on programs and practices.

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What Will You Learn:

Gain valuable perspective that is not only enlightening, but also provides actionable intelligence that most organizations find difficult to obtain on their own without spending costly research dollars or hiring market research experts.

Moreover, Insight 2016 answers persistent and difficult questions most organizations have regarding their security practices and posture such as:

  • Is my organization in step with what my peers and others are doing in respect to the use of technology and services to thwart various information security threats?
  • Am I spending enough, or not enough, to promote security awareness within my organization?
  • Is my organization’s IT and/or INFOSEC team being exposed, via training or conference attendance, to the information they need to harden and protect our infrastructure?
  • What are identified as the highest vulnerabilities among participants?

Did You Know?

The top three highest ranked concerns reported are Phishing/Vishing Threats, Virus, Worm and Malware Threats and Employee Negligence.

The full report contains over 60 pages of unbiased and relevant information about information security practices and programs.

Available as a free download to use to empower your organization.