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Staying abreast of the most used exploits and exploit kits, popular crimeware, and threat trends is a tall order, but doesn’t have to be an all-consuming task.  With the right tools, it is possible to process threat intelligence efficiently --  distilling and correlating to existing vulnerability management frameworks so that your team can properly prioritize remediation tasks that are truly critical to your business.

Digital Defense’s Frontline Threat Landscape™ enables organizations to
prioritize remediation efforts by combining:

• Real-world vulnerability exploitation metrics

• Industry-standard severity scores

• Our Vulnerability Research Team analyst insight

This powerful combination of threat intelligence data delivers a more granular determination of risk for vulnerabilities identified in the network.
Frontline Threat Landscape is powered by the Frontline Threat Analysis Pipeline™ (Frontline TAP™), our proprietary machine learning model
that aggregates daily threat intelligence feeds to correlate reported incidents with vulnerability exploitation. Frontline TAP combines common vulnerability metrics such as CVSS, CWE, and CPE with vulnerability exploitation data. The result is a enriched data set to determine the  likelihood of exploitability for each vulnerability, and the likelihood of weaponization of each exploit in the wild, as they relate to your environment.

Frontline Threat Landscape includes:

• Frontline Threat Rank™ — identifies upcoming exploitation vectors yet to
be realized in the wild. Using these models, organizations can stay ahead
of attacker-weaponized vulnerabilities by resolving those most likely to be
exploited. Frontline Threat Rank is included in all Frontline VM subscriptions.

• Frontline Active Risk Score™ — utilizes prebuilt or configurable risk profiles
combining vulnerability severity, Frontline Threat Rank, asset exposure and
asset criticality to create and rate your organization’s actual risk appetite.
Frontline Active Risk Score is available as a subscription-based feature.

Exclusive to Threat Landscape subscriptions are a host of dashboards that provide insight into vulnerability threat risk on your network.


Empower your security operations center to analyze and report on trends and metrics for every asset and vulnerability in your Threat Landscape, and demonstrate targeted, measurable progress in securing your environment.

Cut through the noise and shine a light on actionable remediation efforts that will protect your organization from compromise today.

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 Properly prioritize remediation tasks that are truly critical to your business.

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