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What is Security GPA®?

Developed by Digital Defense, Inc., the Security GPA rating system provides a clear, easy-to-understand picture of your organization’s security posture. Just like your GPA in school, the higher your organization’s Security GPA, the better your security posture.

Our unique, but simple security rating metric reflects even the smallest improvements as you continually assess your vulnerabilities and perform necessary remediation, while other systems often do not. For example, if the security rating of a Domain Controller improved from ‘Poor’ to ‘Satisfactory’, an organization would typically see their Security GPA go up, whereas in a traditional overall rating system it may not.


In addition, other systems often weight non-critical devices such as printers and IP phones so they have a negative effect on your overall rating even though they may not be critical to your business. Security GPA takes into account the perceived criticality of your individual systems and system types and rates them accordingly.

Your dynamically generated Security GPA View is delivered through our powerful Cloud-based SaaS Vulnerability Management Platform. Study your trending over time, access high-level and detailed information through drill-down and determine your organization’s Security GPA posture against the Digital Defense cloud.



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