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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

With Digital Defense’s Frontline Network Map™, you’ll have the power to visualize your network security posture at the click of a button.

Frontline Network Map lets you “see” your network like never before.

Leverage the benefits of Frontline’s patented scanning and host correlation technologies to access the most accurate view of your network in highly customizable and interactive graphic visuals.

  • Utilize the extensive sorting and filtering capabilities of Active View to identify and drill into network hotspots.
  • View asset relationships and interconnectivity through a variety of clustering algorithms to pinpoint at risk network segments and areas of key vulnerability and active threat.
  • Drag-n-drop clusters to examine and correlate connections between assets and threats.

Network Map will enable you to take action against clusters or single assets, including one-click creation of scans, labels and asset groups to enable further prioritization.

View meta-data information on higher level clusters including overall risk and overlay threat intelligence for enhanced clarity. Build high level and detailed reports based on filtered data views in Network Map.








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Visualize your network security posture at the click of a button

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