• Solutions
    • Solutions

    • Scan
    • Analyze
    • Score
    • Automate
    • What is on my network?
      Quickly, comprehensively and accurately assess endpoints and servers for operating system and application vulnerabilities.
    • Which assets are at risk, and what should I do about their vulnerabilities?
      Identify which assets are at risk and receive actionable intelligence to reduce workload and increase effectiveness.
    • How do I measure my overall risk and where should I focus remediation efforts?
      Benefit from a clear, easy-to-understand metric to determine your organization’s security posture.
    • How can I integrate Frontline vulnerability findings into my security workflow?
      Easily integrate discovered, analyzed, scored, and prioritized vulnerabilities into leading security workflow management platforms and SIEMs.
    • Test
    • Educate
    • Compliance
    • How do I assess where I’m exposed from an attacker’s perspective?
      Assess your “network attack surface” and your “personnel attack surface”.
    • How do I ensure all personnel are cognizant of risky “digital behavior”?
      Increase the security IQ of employees, contractors, and patrons to effectively defend against a security breach.
    • Am I meeting requisite compliance standards? Leverage the expertise of one of the world’s longest tenured PCI Approved Scanning Vendors (ASV) to achieve compliance AND an optimal level of security.
  • Cloud Subscriptions
    • Frontline Cloud Subscriptions

    • Frontline Advanced™
    • Frontline Pro™
    • Frontline PCI Pro™
    • Frontline Advanced is Digital Defense’s flagship vulnerability management offering. Powerful and effective, the service is delivered in a rich, affordable and easy to consume subscription.
    • Frontline Pro provides the same industry leading solution subscription as Frontline Advanced, but adds a Personal Security Analyst (PSA) to help lift the burden of vulnerability management.
    • Frontline Payment Card Industry-Professional (PCI-Pro) service guides businesses through the PCI Data Security Standards (DSS) requirements maze with security expertise and personalized recommendations to achieve compliance.

    • Frontline Pen Test™
    • Frontline WAS Advanced™
    • Frontline Pen Test offers a conveniently packaged sequence of periodic (and scheduled) pen tests into an annual subscription.
    • Frontline Web Application Scanning Advanced (WAS Advanced) as a subscription will provide the highest level of results through a system that is easily deployed and maintained.

  • Platform
    • Platform

    • Frontline RNA™
    • Frontline VM™
    • Frontline WAS™
    • Frontline Reconnaissance Network Appliance (RNA) is a preconfigured network based device used to perform network security assessments without requiring onsite staff.
    • Frontline Vulnerability Manager (VM) is the industry’s most comprehensive, accurate, and easy to use VM platform – bar none.
    • Frontline Web Application Scanning (WAS) has been developed to provide the highest level of dynamic web application testing results through a system that is easily deployed and maintained.

  • Network Security Technologies
    • Technologies

    • DDI NIRV™
    • DDI VRT™
    • DDI DNA™
    • DDI NIRV – the technology core of Frontline RNA™ – works on the principle of real-time event-based tuning. As it learns more about hosts and the network, NIRV adjusts its plugin sets and auditing mechanisms in real time – leading to far more accurate and complete scanning data.

    • While Digital Defense has achieved public acclaim for its superior vulnerability scanning, vulnerability management, and best practice consultative services, we are also actively involved in security threat research.
    • Digital Node Attribution (DNA) is the core technology within Frontline VM that eliminates network drift. As point in time scans from RNA are fed into Frontline Vulnerability Manager™,
  • Professional Services
    • Professional Services

    • Frontline Pen Test Project™
    • Frontline Social Test™
    • Frontline Cyber Threat Management™
    • Understanding and addressing network and host vulnerabilities is, of course, an essential element to strong information security.
    • Social engineering is a popular technique attackers use to gain access to your network and, ultimately, valuable information held by your organization.
    • Frontline Cyber Threat Management solutions offer organizations expert threat intelligence to evaluate their level of risk in the ‘open, deep and dark web’.

    • SecurED™ Training
    • TEAM™
    • Consultative Services
    • SecurED, an entertaining awareness training designed to optimize employee retention of serious security intelligence and best practices.
    • TEAM is a comprehensive online learning management system that helps you address Security Training, Education, and Awareness Module (TEAM™) to reduce risk.

    • As your organization grows in size and complexity, determining exposure to information asset risks becomes more challenging, as does your ability to identify threats and implement effective plans to address them.

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SecurED Expanded Series

An entertaining security awareness training designed to optimize employee retention of serious security intelligence and best practices.

As security training can be dry and boring, Digital Defense got creative and developed SecurED in collaboration with award winning Hollywood comedy writers. The combination of serious and important guidance with fun, engaging characters achieves the “stickiness factor” required to achieve real results.

But don’t take our word for it.  Here is what the Ponemon Institute found:

  • SecurED outperforms alternative training approaches by 300%
  • Students say SecurED makes security more relevant to their jobs
  • Students scored an average of 80% across all training modules
  • 88% of students rated SecurED enjoyable and worthwhile

Ponemon Institute

SecurED® Gets High Marks
Security training has long been criticized for being boring, unengaging and lacking the ability to measure success. However, an independent analysis conducted by the Ponemon Institute shows that SecurED is proven relevant, enjoyable and gets the results essential for long term gains.

Download the Report…

Topics covered include:

  • Acceptable Use of Computer Systems
  • Installing Software from Unknown Sources
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Onsite Social Engineering
  • Password Development and Security
  • Physical Security
  • Preventing Virus and Malware Outbreaks
  • Remote Social Engineering
  • Safe Web Browsing
  • Securing Protected Data
  • Social Media Dangers
  • Using Cloud Services Safely

New Courses!

  • Compliant & Secure: HIPAA
  • Compliant & Secure: PCI
  • Defending Against Cyber Fraud
  • Defining the Security Landscape
  • Executive Cyber Defense
  • Secure Practices for the Internet of Things

New Courses Available

SecurED®, the industry recognized security awareness training program is getting even better with the Expanded Series.  The new training courses take a fresh approach to security awareness training with a proven methodology.

Learn more about new SecurED packages and bundles.

Improve Your Teams’ Security IQ

Just as you take precautions to protect networks from attack, it is essential that you also effectively educate your workforce on how to defend against an attack.

Learn more about new SecurED Security Spotlights.

“Within two weeks of having introduced SecurED, the Information Security office began receiving a multi hundred percent increase in requests for spam, phishing, and suspect web site reviews meaning that our employees had taken to heart the elements they learned in the training.”

– Jay Sitkin, Manager of Security Operations at Unisys

Training Topics Covered

New Training Courses Available

Secure Practices for The Internet of Things
The Internet of Things is the set of physical devices that are connected to the internet.  They collect and exchange data with each other as well as with humans, all with the goal of rendering our lives more efficient and more productive. Along with technological advancements comes the potential for increased security risks. In this module, employees will better understand the environment, infrastructure and IoT security risks and privacy concerns. Through best practices and tips for improved security, employees will learn the effective ways to apply the same security protection protocols on IoT devices as they would any other network attached equipment.
Defending Against Cyber Fraud
Cyber Fraud is the use of Internet services or software to deceive and defraud victims, both individuals and organizations, with a motivation of financial gain.  This training video will discuss ways to prevent cyber criminals from accessing your workplace to commit cyber fraud. From ransomware to wire fraud, employees will be educated on schemes and tactics used by cyber criminals and learn best practices for defending against these types of attacks.
Compliant & Secure: HIPAA
Over the past several years, there has been a significant rise in criminal attacks against organizations with access to patient data as a result of the underground value of protected health information (PHI) and personal identifiable information (PII). In this training video, employees will learn the security protocols surrounding the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Access (HIPAA) and gain insight into regulations and information security best practices for complying with HIPAA to defend against a breach and to bolster the security of patient data.
Executive Cyber Defense
We believe that hacker success rates will increase and organization leadership must keep their guards up at all time to reduce the risk of a security breach that can result in a devastating outcome. Research has proven that Executive level support is essential to building a culture of security. This training video, specifically designed for executive management, presents best practice recommendations on how to defend against an attack aimed at Executives and their families, as well as approaches to reduce risk by creating a high level of security awareness across the organization.
Compliant & Secure: PCI
It is no secret that, over the past several years, there has been a significant rise in credit card fraud resulting from data breaches caused by internet attacks against merchants and banks. In this module, employees will learn the importance of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards to prevent cyber theft, and how to go beyond compliance to ensure your organization is proactively adhering to standards and mitigating the risk of a data breach.
Defending the Security Landscape
Cyber security breaches are happening at an alarming rate.  Consumers and businesses alike are faced with the challenge of ensuring they are investing in safe technologies and keeping apprised of the various ways in which they may be compromised. In this training video, the state of security is addressed by presenting consequences of a breach, common motivations of hackers and methods of attacks utilized to gain access to sensitive data. From Phishing to physical security, this training is an introduction to the various tactics used to infiltrate organizations and helps educate employees on how to fight the ongoing battle to protect your organization’s most valuable assets.

Password Development & Security

The recent security breaches making headlines in the news and security flaws being announced underscore the need for employees to understand the importance of secure passwords.

Onsite Social Engineering

Train your employees not to be taken advantage of by scammers who are using human nature to get their foot in the door and their hands on sensitive information.

Remote Social Engineering

One opened email; One clicked link. Simple acts that could lead to devastating consequences. Train your employees how to spot easily deployed attacks that are highly effective at gaining access to corporate data.

Mobile Device Security

Employees utilizing personal iPhones, iPads and other devices to conduct business are no longer the exception but now the rule. However, convenience can come at a price. Train your employees on proper security on the go.

Social Media Dangers

Friending, following, tweeting, checking in and linking up… In today’s ever connected world, people all over the globe are utilizing social media. Train your employees on how to socialize more safely.

Safe Web Browsing

Online pop-ups, deceptive links and clickable graphics can all lead to spyware and other potentially dangerous traps. Train your employees on common tactics used by cyber criminals and how to avoid scams.

Installing Software from Unknown Sources

New software is enticing but can also wreak havoc in the office. Learn how to properly use software and how to avoid unknown or unsolicited programs or files that could lead to a breach.

Preventing Virus & Malware Outbreaks

The complexity of recent virus attacks demonstrates the need for training and ongoing education. In this training module learn about antivirus technologies and ways to detect malware.

Using Cloud Services Safely

A security storm could be brewing. Train your employees on how to be responsible for selecting a cloud provider.

Physical Security

Does your organization have the wrong kind of ‘open door policy?’ Are social engineers getting access to sensitive information? From piggy backing to dumpster diving, train your employees on what to be looking for to help defend against an attack.

Securing Protected Data

Protecting sensitive information is the objective for all security measures. Learn the fundamentals of ways employees can work together to protect personal and customer data.

Acceptable Use of Computer Systems

Go beyond common sense and outline the importance of the company computer use policy in this entertaining security training module.

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