Fortra Vulnerability Management

Fortra Vulnerability Management (formerly Frontline VM), is the industry’s most comprehensive, accurate, and easy-to-use SaaS vulnerability management solution—bar none. Using proprietary scanning technology, it performs comprehensive security assessments and helps prioritize and track the results, making remediation planning and management more efficient and effective.

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Meet Fortra VM

Fortra Vulnerability Management is more than just a network vulnerability scanner or vulnerability assessment. It's a proactive, risk-based vulnerability and threat management solution that is a vital part of any cyber risk management program. Its robust features set it apart from other VM solutions, providing vital security information in a centralized, easily understood format so you can protect your business-critical assets efficiently and effectively.

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Best Practices in Vulnerability Management

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More than ever, cyber attackers are looking for vulnerabilities they can exploit in a company’s network. So having a VM solution in place is critical.

A network security program is far more than just a vulnerability assessment, vulnerability scanner, or patch management. The best network protection comes from using ongoing process like VM scans that regularly identify, evaluate, report, and prioritize vulnerabilities in systems and software.

Fortra VM uses rich data and superior technology to arm your team with the most powerful tools and easy-to-use vulnerability management and threat assessment solutions on the market. Our cloud-native, SaaS platform makes it easy to get up and running in hours rather than days.


Extensive, easy-to-use capabilities include:

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability assessment that reliably identifies internal and external vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers.

Compliance Auditing

Know exactly where your network fails to meet compliance criteria before paying for expensive certification audits.

Smart Labels

Automatically label your assets so they're easily filterable.  Dynamic labels even let you create groupings on the fly based on any number of criteria.
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Was that vulnerability fixed? Are there new assets on the network? Easily track your progress so you always know where you stand.

Network Endpoint Correlation

Assets don’t always stay in place. Asset reconciliation tracks and correlates assets and their data even when their IP changes for an accurate vulnerability management solution.

Role-Based Access Control & Data Segmentation

Maintain user accountability by giving your users access to only the assets that are relevant to their role.

Customizable Reports

Create asset-specific vulnerability and patch management reports based on powerful filtering options tailored to your audience or compliance target. 

Threat ranking identifies the highest priority threats specifically for your company's security details. A threat rank score combines vulnerability severity, asset exposure, and asset criticality to create an easy to assess GPA security rating for your organization's risk. 

Customizable reporting helps you track the metrics that are more important to your organization’s security efforts.  Measure progress and track security remediation efforts in your threat landscape.  Analyze and report on continuing security trends based on asset and vulnerability metrics.   

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Fortra VM Features

Threat Landscape

Threat Landscape combines real-world threat activity and industry-standard severity scores using machine learning to rank threats and vulnerabilities and score your appetite for risk.


Security GPA®

A dynamically generated security GPA score delivers an easy-to-understand grade for your company’s security strength.  As improvements are made, this grade improves, making remediation monitoring easier. 


Network Map

With Network Map, you can leverage our patented scanning and host correlation technologies to visualize your network security posture with the click of a button.


Connect API

Connect  API seamlessly integrates discovered, analyzed, scored, and prioritized vulnerabilities into leading security workflow management platforms and SIEMs.


Peer Insight

Compare your company's high-risk vulnerabilities to similar peer's threats.  Measure remediation efficiency against other organizations to determine effectiveness. 


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How to Get Fortra VM

Fortra VM is an on-demand service on an annual subscription plan through our convenient, time-saving, hassle-free SaaS service subscriptions.

Leverage the power of our vulnerability management software and benefit from an affordable solution with continuous monitoring that enhances your overall security posture.

At Digital Defense, one size does not fit all. Whether you are a large organization with a fully staffed security team or a small business with limited time and resources, we offer flexible vulnerability management options to meet your needs. Our subscriptions are available as client-managed or Digital Defense-managed options at a frequency level that meets your needs, while ensuring optimal security.

We will help you ensure your vulnerability management and threat assessment program is targeted, effective and achievable.



Elevate Your Defenses with Offensive Security Product Bundles

Did you know that Fortra VM can be coupled with industry-leading offensive security solutions like Core Impact and Cobalt Strike? By bundling products, you can customize your security tech stack to match your organization's distinct requirements all at a discounted rate.


Technology Partner Integrations

Fortra VM can integrate our patented solutions with our security technology partners. 
These include leading SIEM, endpoint, SOAR, incident response, GRC, and network security solutions. 

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