SaaS Vulnerability Management Platform

Protecting yourself from cyberattacks doesn’t have to be complicated. Our cloud-native SaaS vulnerability management and threat assessment platform is powerful, quick to deploy, scalable, and easy to use.

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Manage Vulnerabilities Simply and Quickly

Our platform continues to set the standard for SaaS vulnerability and threat management solutions and services. It eases administrative burden while offering the best discovery and analysis technology in the industry. And, because your security needs are as unique as your business, we offer users a suite of solutions so they can customize to meet their organization’s needs:

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Cloud-based Vulnerability Manager

Complicated, expensive vulnerability and threat management solutions that require an army of security experts to manage aren’t the answer.

Our approach is different:

  • We focus on providing a SaaS solution that’s easy to comprehend and use
  • Our users rank our solutions among the easiest to setup and implement
  • We provide the risk-based prioritization you need to remediate the most critical threats first.

Our solutions incorporate Digital Defense’s innovative, patented, and proprietary threat detection technology to deliver unmatched results. We also provide customers of all sizes with unified management, comprehensive reporting, and administration efficiencies for assessing and prioritizing on-prem, cloud, or hybrid network implementations.

Flexible Subscriptions

We understand one size does not fit all. Whether you are a large organization with a fully staffed security team or a small business with limited resources, we offer flexible options to meet your needs. Our subscriptions are available as client-managed or Digital Defense-managed options at a frequency level that meets your needs while ensuring optimal security.

Whatever option you choose, we’ll help you ensure your vulnerability and threat management program is targeted, effective, and achievable.

Effective cybersecurity automation and connected security ecosystem

An easy to use REST API seamlessly integrate with automation technologies, facilitating data exchange with security workflow management platforms and other technologies. The power of these joint solutions enhances security while reducing the resources required to manage and maintain multiple systems.

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Our expert security team can show you the different ways vulnerability management can strengthen your cybersecurity.

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