Security Reviews and Security Testing

Why is a security risk analysis Important?

Securing networks and systems is not the only critical aspect of security for organizations - physical security is absolutely imperative. If someone can gain physical access to a network or system, they can gain access to all information and/or data on the networks or systems with little or no technical knowledge required. The importance of an organization's physical security cannot be overestimated.

The Solution

The Digital Defense (DDI) team of highly trained security analysts is ready to provide your organization with a comprehensive assessment of the current state of physical security for administrative buildings and branch locations. Our service offerings include:

Interviews conducted with a sampling of employees to identify knowledge of policies and procedures

Technical interviews conducted with IT department and Facilities personnel

  • Physical site reviews of selected building(s)
  • “After-hours” physical security sweeps
  • Comprehensive assessment of physical security
  • In-depth policy and security examination
  • Detailed written report of all findings

Find Out What They Don’t Know

DDI conducts interviews with employees to assess knowledge of physical security policies, identify procedures, and allow our security analysts to pinpoint areas of awareness that need improvement. We cover the following topics in employee interviews:

  • Encryption
  • Disaster recovery
  • Incident response
  • Social engineering
  • Backups
  • Physical/logical access control


Weak or Strong?

Physical site reviews help DDI security analysts discover weak points in the current physical security process. These reviews include:

  • Evaluation of interior and exterior CCTV coverage
  • Assessment of internal and external entrance controls
  • Door locks and enhanced security system assessment
  • Wireless sweeps
  • Assessments of server room access and disaster protection controls
  • Assessments of possible IT vulnerabilities

The “after‐hours” physical security sweep provides an additional layer of security analysis, by identifying if employees:

  • Are following “clean‐desk” policies
  • Are discarding sensitive data appropriately
  • Are locking work stations
  • Are keeping passwords safe


Information is Power

DDI will provide a detailed report upon completion of the physical site review, including important information like:

  • Ratings on where efforts should be focused
  • Best practices comparisons
  • Specific and valuable risk mitigation recommendations
  • Overview of risk management

Results are Key

DDI allows organizations to gain:

  • Knowledge of the organization's true level of physical security, and assess how best to approach mitigation of all risks presented
  • Peace of mind in knowing exactly which areas are secure and which need improvement