Our Experts

About our dedicated team of security experts and advocates

They constantly collaborate, communicate, and apply their security knowledge to bolster the defenses of our clients. It’s a way of life – to combat threats on your behalf.

As a Digital Defense client, our team of experts becomes an extension of your organization.  Industry thought leaders and highly credentialed, this team has one primary goal – incomparable service and security for your organization.

Net Promoter Score Graphic 2020 062220Every client is assigned a Client Support Advocate who works diligently to ensure you are receiving the best results possible from your Digital Defense services. Building relationships is a priority for our Advocates. We are on your team providing assurance and peace of mind for your organization’s security.

Our team of certified Personal Security Analysts (PSAs) is comprised of highly skilled information security professionals who provide specialized managed services. Working closely with clients, their formidable expertise provides insight that assists in streamlining your information security program, saving you time and money.

Digital Defense’s Security Operations team performs and manages all penetration testing (ethical hacking), environmental assessments and more, both onsite and remotely. This team of experts knows how the bad guys operate. They use this perspective to pinpoint vulnerabilities that leave your organization exposed, but unlike malicious hackers, our motives are benevolent – arming you with valuable intelligence to fend off unwanted attacks. Team members hold varying levels of credentials including Security+ and Network+ and CISSP certifications.

Working behind the scenes, Digital Defense’s Vulnerability Research Team (VRT) is comprised of CISSP-credentialed security professionals. They continually scour and analyze your assessment results, as well as utilize Big Data analytics to bolster client security. They proactively research, investigate and identify threats and zero-day or previously undocumented vulnerabilities that may be lurking in the background, poised to harm your systems.

Put the Digital Defense battalion of experts on your front line as you guard your organization’s most valuable assets!!

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