Social Engineers perform attacks designed to gain physical access to the premises obtaining records, files, equipment, sensitive information and network access.

Consider the people you meet in the workplace, the emails you receive, the calls that you answer – The official looking gentleman with the tool kit who requested onsite access to conduct system repairs; The phone call from IT asking to verify your employee number; The camera crew outside the front gate filming a corporate commercial; The email from management asking you to click on a link and enter your information to test the strength of your password – All scenarios may have been social engineers at work.

Social Engineers do not care if you are an entry-level employee or the CEO of an enterprise. These highly trained individuals leverage proven techniques to target all levels within an organization with the intent to gain access to sensitive information, destroy reputations and cost enterprises billions in clean-up and recovery.

An Onsite Social Engineering assessment can help test the strength of your security and provide an accurate and more thorough representation of your employees’ security awareness.

DDI uses several on‐site testing methods, including:

  • Attempts to gain physical access to the premises
  • Obtaining records, files, equipment, sensitive information, network access, etc.
  • Attempts to garner information to permit unauthorized network access
  • DDI provides a detailed report with all methods employed and weaknesses discovered.