Information Security Solutions for the Legal Industry

We understand the information security challenges law firms face.

Law firms continue to be a primary target for cyber criminals looking to gain access to intellectual property, trade secrets and other business capital. FBI officials have warned many times that law firms are a weak link and need to be more proactive to keep confidential information safe. Managing the risks are not always easy. Imagine the paralegal who unknowingly clicks on a malicious link embedded with spyware; the junior lawyer who accidentally leaves his laptop in a taxi cap only to have it fall into the wrong hands; the managing partner who stores files on a cloud-based service, unaware of a possible entry point for a devastating breach. At DDI we understand the risks and challenges that law firms face in today's market.
  • It is crucial for a law firm to protect attorney client privileged information from access by unauthorized resources
  • It’s necessary to comply with information security regulations to guard personally identifiable information
  • And it’s common for law firms to have employees who are charged with defending data that are overwhelmed and unprepared

"Virtually all of the biggest law firms have faced some sort of data breach." - Bloomberg

Legal Industry Cybersecurity Resources

Vulnerability Management Case Study: Law Offices of Keesal Young & Logan

Managed Security for Legal IndustryLeading Law Firm Leverages Managed Service. Those in the legal industry have been applauded for being early adopters, eager to embrace technology to improve efficiency. However, with innovation comes the need for improved security. Without it, the legal industry is at risk. Law firms are often the primary target for cyber criminals looking to gain access to intellectual property, trade secrets and other business capital.

Legal Industry InfoSEC Practices

legal industry info security practicesThe 2016 Study of the Legal Industry’s Information Security Practices was developed by Digital Defense Inc. (DDI), in collaboration with ILTA’s LegalSEC Steering Committee with the intention of providing legal industry professionals with unbiased, relevant information regarding security assessment practices of legal organizations.

12 Information Security Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

Information Security GuideWith growing security threats affecting global organizations and personal privacy, cyber security is essential in protecting sensitive information, the infrastructure of our economy and our national security. Moving forward, businesses of all sizes and in all industries will be expected to increase security efforts to address challenges with new technologies that are changing the landscape of human interaction and business operations.

Vulnerability Management Maturity Model – VM3

DDI-VM3-White-Paper-112415B-1Organizations are under attack and data breaches have risen drastically over the last five years. This intelligence reveals organizations are not doing enough with respect to vulnerability management and highlights a strong need for organizations to learn and evolve their vulnerability management program.
“There is no silver bullet when it comes to security and new vulnerabilities are  being discovered every day. DDI is a key player in our risk mitigation strategy and  they help us to identify and eliminate internal and external vulnerabilities  quickly and throughout the year.” – Keesal, Young & Logan
Vulnerability Management for the Legal Industry

Vulnerability Management

Whether you’re a small organization or a large enterprise, there is a universal truth… new network vulnerabilities are being discovered every day and it’s imperative to find them before someone else does. Vulnerability scanning is the cornerstone element to defend against the ever-increasing incidence of data breaches.
Legal Industry Information Security

Penetration Testing

It can be difficult for organizations to tell which of these web-based offerings are secure. DDI provides Web Application Penetration Testing (WAPT) to ensure your, internally or third-party developed, web-based applications do not introduce unforeseen vulnerabilities that can ultimately lead to hacks and breaches and jeopardize corporate or customer data.
Security Awareness for the Legal Industry

Security Awareness Education

DDI’s Security Awareness Education facilitates security-minded behavior so that potential information security attacks are thwarted, ensuring your assets and reputation remain secure.

Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS)

At Digital Defense, we understand the criticality of information security and the pressure that organizations face in keeping sensitive data and intellectual property secure. Digital Defense, Inc. (DDI) lifts the burden through our Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) program. Our unique, cloud based delivery combines leading edge patented technology and a best in class managed service with on-demand access to a Personal Security Analyst, to deliver unparalleled accuracy of results.

Less Time. Better Results.

With Frontline Vulnerability Manager, we help you eliminate mountains of assessment report data.  Our suite of tools streamlines the vulnerability management process.

We invite you to experience the power of a next generation vulnerability manager.