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The Frontline VM platform infuses the ServiceNow platform with an automated security management workflow.  As one of the industry’s newest and most advanced security management platforms, Frontline VM was built from the ground up to support advanced automated ServiceNow workflow integration that goes beyond the simple data import/export mechanics of most platforms.

Through use of our certified integration app (FVM Sync) ServiceNow users can be automatically alerted to new security vulnerabilities on their network and use a single-pane-of glass workflow to manage, assign, and remediate them from the ServiceNow platform.  With advanced network scoping, automatic labeling and automated fix verification, it’s easy to build a security program that is effective, efficient, and bridges the security/operations gap without shuffling mountains of spreadsheet data and emailed reports between teams.

The Frontline VM platform allows users to configure a sync of our vulnerability data into the RedSeal platform so they can use our vulnerability information in tandem with their advanced threat vector topology mapping, and compliance information.  Users of RedSeal gain greater insight into their organizations risk-posture through this technology.

The Frontline VM platform contains a top tier integration with Microsoft ADFS which allows organizations to seamlessly manage user access to our platform through their existing single-sign on infrastructure.  This integration contains advanced features such as dedicated vhost company login urls, user-interface configurable IDP parameters, and per-user sign-on configuration.