Healthcare Organizations are Under Attack

1 out of 3 are exposed
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With healthcare data records consistently at risk of security compromises* and compliance with HIPAA and HITECH mandates becoming more stringent, now is the time to take the pulse of your network and protect the health of your sensitive client data.

At Digital Defense, Inc., we understand the criticality of information security and the pressure that healthcare organizations face in defending against a devastating breach. We are helping organizations reduce risk and bolster security through Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS). We bring together leading edge patented technology, a next generation security assessment system and a best in class managed service with on-demand access to a Personal Security Analyst to deliver unparralled accuracy of results.

Our Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Vulnerability Scanning
Whether you’re a small organization or a large enterprise, there is a universal truth… new network vulnerabilities are being discovered every day and it’s imperative to find them before someone else does. Vulnerability scanning is the cornerstone element to defend against the ever-increasing incidence of data breaches.

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Penetration Testing
Performed by trained and certified Security Analysts utilizing proven penetration testing methodologies and industry best practices, DDI can get into the mind of a malicious hacker to determine where weaknesses reside.

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Web App Penetration Testing
DDI offers a Web Application Penetration Test to ensure applications do not introduce unforeseen vulnerabilities and place sensitive data at risk.

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Security Awareness Education
DDI’s Security Awareness Education helps you provide relevant, easy-to-understand, web-based security training for key audiences: your employees, contractors and patrons. This frees up your staff to focus on their core competencies and support your strategic initiatives.

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