Ransomware incidents are happening to organizations of all sizes at alarming rates. All industries are at risk of being a vulnerable to cyber criminals seeking to hold data hostage for hefty fees by encrypting it on infected computers.

Security specialists are tasked to stay up to date on the various forms of ransomware trends, and implement proactive ways to reduce the risk of a ransomware attack.

To better understand innovative ways to face the challenge of ransomware malware head on, we invite you to attend the webinar to hear guest speaker, Forrester Vice President, Principal Analyst Serving Security & Risk Professionals, John Kindervag, and Digital Defense, Inc. Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Gordon MacKay.

Join these industry experts in a presentation that explores challenges, real world scenarios, best practices and recommendations on how to take a proactive approach to defend against a ransomware attack.



Kindervag provides insight that highlights issues commonly heard from clients and key opportunity areas that can reduce the risk of an attack:

  • Going Beyond just malware analysis.
  • Leverage anti-spam and phishing technology.
  • Suggestions on how to ensure good backup/DR practices.
  • Understanding how to correlate know exploits to vulnerabilities that may reside in your network.
  • Exploring the practice of prioritized patching based on known ransomware exploits.


MacKay provides expert insight into the anatomy of a ransomware attack and the innovative ways to take a proactive approach to mitigating risks:

  • Discussion on multiple forms and various characteristics of Ransomware.
  • Live demonstration of how systems can easily be vulnerable and how with a proactive approach and proper VM systems in place, vulnerabilities can efficiently be prioritized for remediation.
  • Guidance on how to take a proactive approach to data security and ensure solid backups are in place.


Watch our Webinar