Eight Ways to Avoid Becoming Phish Bait

By Fortra's Digital Defense

Is your organization capable of defending against today’s phishing attacks? Social Engineering requires very little to no knowledge of information technology or cutting-edge applications. All an attacker needs is a target and a crafty email to prey on weaknesses in human behavior.phising_blog

Don’t Take the Bait!

Tips to Help Defend Against a Phishing Attack

  1. Be suspicious of emails asking you to “verify” your account.
  2. Manually type a URL into a web browser rather than clicking on a hyperlink in an email.
  3. Make sure that HTTPS is displaying in the address bar. The S confirms that the site is leveraging a legitimate, secured channel.
  4. Never give out your credentials or sensitive information, either by phone or by email requests.
  5. Avoid completing online forms that ask for personal information.
  6. Be leery of domain names with misspelled words.
  7. Be suspicious and report any circumstance that appears out of the ordinary.
  8. Ensure proper credentials of those requesting access to company material.

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