How Threat Scanning Amplifies Endpoint Protection

By Fortra's Digital Defense

If you find yourself concerned about your organization’s current cybersecurity efforts, you’re not alone. According to, nearly four out of five executives lack confidence in their current cybersecurity posture. In response, 91% of these companies are increasing their cybersecurity spending in 2021.

If upping your IT budget  is not one of your top priorities, it’s crucial to consider the alternative. Based on data gathered last year, the average data breach cost victims approximately $3.86 million per incident based on data collected last year. The expenses associated with improved cybersecurity protocols are tiny in comparison.

When it comes to cyberattacks, there are several potential openings that hackers may exploit. But one of their favorites is endpoints. An endpoint can alternatively be referred to as an “entry point.” Endpoint connections are formed when a user accesses your network via an end-user device, including laptops, smartphones, or tablets. Amplifying your endpoint protection is an integral part of comprehensive cybersecurity protocols. You will also need to educate your team members on good security practices such as phishing awareness and proper password protocol.

Dangers of Relying on Antivirus Alone

You may be thinking, “My company has antivirus software installed on all its devices, so I’m safe, right?” While antivirus software may lead you to believe that your network is protected, there are additional factors to consider: First, antivirus alone cannot protect you. Second, only properly updated antivirus software will work effectively.  sing outdated antivirus programs can be nearly as dangerous as not having any sort of protection in place at all. Traditional antivirus software is designed to be a reactive solution. The technology passively detects malware in order to defend your network while you engage in activities like checking emails or browsing the internet.

Reactive anti-malware software can be effective, but many of these programs are not updated frequently enough. This is especially true if you download software to your company devices once and never replace it with updated versions. The protective software may not be able to detect newer varieties of malicious programs. Additionally, most reactive anti-malware programs can only detect threats, not contain them. They will notify you when a suspicious file is found and instruct you to delete it manually. If the process isn’t completed fully, your systems could be left vulnerable to attack.


Proactive Threat Detection

If you are concerned about the quality of your cybersecurity and antimalware software, get ahead of the potential problem. By implementing proactive threat detection software, you can better protect your systems and secure endpoint connections. The technology is advanced enough to take on ever-evolving malware programs that threaten your business every day.

Proactive threat detection solutions offer real-time protection, much like traditional software. However, they have much more advanced capabilities, as well. This technology uses complex algorithms to detect suspicious files. It even monitors malware behavior to hunt down threats before they infiltrate your system.


Active Threat Scanning Software Enhances Endpoint Security

Effective cybersecurity programs today require the use of more than one solution. While you may already have some endpoint protection in place, such as antivirus software,  that alone is not enough to protect your organization. That’s where supporting tools and technologies come in. Active Threat Sweep technology can be paired with your existing solutions. to drastically improve your endpoint protection without the need to rip or replace anything. This makes enhancing your cybersecurity an easy prospect.


Benefits of Digital Defense’s Frontline Active Threat Sweep

When it comes to proactive malware solutions, there are many options out there on the market today. However, not all anti-malware technology is created equal, nor does it protect equally. One of the most robust and effective ways to enhance your endpoint protection is to use an active threat scanner like Digital Defense’s Frontline Active Threat Sweep  solution.

Benefits of Active Threat Sweep:

  • On-demand agentless threat detection
  • Proactively analyzes your assets for signs of malware
  • Thwarts attacks before they compromise your data.
  • Identifies outdated or dysfunctional endpoint protections
  • Detects active or passive threats earlier than other programs

Download the Frontline ATS Datasheet 

Undetected cyber threats lurking in your network can cost your business considerably. The longer these threats go undiscovered, the more damage they can do. Frontline ATS quickly and reliably assesses active threat activity in your network using powerful, patented technology. Frontline ATS can identify: Trojans, Adware, Unwanted Applications, Software Bundles, Ransomware, Exploit Kits, Backdoors, Browser Modifiers, Hack Tools, and Worms, among others.

To learn more about Frontline Active Threat Sweep, request a demo, or obtain a free trial, contact our team today.


Our Active Threat Sweep (ATS) technology is integrated with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. Watch the video  to learn more.

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