5 Steps to Shrink Your Attack Surface

By Fortra's Digital Defense

Digital-lock---Shutterstock_1236793585As we know, IT infrastructure is getting more and more complex with organizations great and small moving to the cloud and needing to manage differing endpoints / IoT / OT networks and devices. Today’s businesses need to be agile, quick to respond and extremely interactive with their customers, partners and suppliers to increase overall operational performance.

This is leading to fragmentation and gaps within networking infrastructure where unknown and vulnerable infrastructure is left open to attack. These could consist of legacy systems, BYOD, web apps and malicious malware to name a few. Add in the human factor of poor security education, social engineering and insider threat - the challenges can seem like conquering Everest!

While these issues have been experienced for years, with attack surfaces growing daily, finding the right solutions and processes to minimize risk and improve security; the ability to comprehensively report on issues, threats and implemented remediation has never been more urgent or complex.

Historically, IT security teams have had to manually cross correlate data for custom reports for CISOs and Auditors, taking hours of overtime on evenings and some weekends. Many of these reports are inaccurate or incomplete with false positives along with no visibility into rogue and unknown devices.


Digital Defense’s Frontline.Cloud SaaS Security Platform breaks down shrinking your attack surface into 5 simple steps, helping you minimize your risk.

Step 1: Reporting – get it right for you, make it meaningful and easy!

  • Built-in vulnerability remediation assignment, tracking and reporting.
  • Easy to run on-demand reporting for executives, administrators and compliance needs and get the full picture.
  • Meaningful reports with a powerful data processing platform enabling search, sort and filter to retrieve only the results you need, saving time and resources.
  • Built with mobility in mind, the fully functional interface can be accessed seamlessly on browsers, tablets, and mobile devices.
Step 2: Prioritization – don’t waste time in getting the real picture
  • Quickly determine which assets have been infected and prioritize network hygiene mitigation and remediation efforts.
  • Acquire insight into “shields down” conditions on assets with out-of-date or no endpoint protection in place making these assets more vulnerable to infection.
  • Eliminate wasted effort in rebuilding infected machines that might continue to propagate the infection causing ongoing and time-consuming issues.
Step 3: Collaboration – without compromising network performance
  • Collaborate with other network security platforms through a robust REST API to export threat details enhancing security orchestration automation and response.
  • Run agentless analysis of enterprise networks for threat activity and indications of compromise with minimal impact to your operations network performance.
  • Determine the extent to which an infection has spread in order to better triage and prevent the infection from further infiltrating your network.
Step 4: Know the risk before allowing access to minimize your attack surface
  • Provide immediate visibility to organizations acquiring foreign networks to determine the presence of malware or other threats.
  • Limit the introduction of new unmitigated risks to your network and quantify the time and expense required to inoculate infected assets before granting or escalating network access.
Step 5: Know your web apps and what’s happening and what’s vulnerable!
  • Quick, comprehensive, and accurate Web Application Scanning gaining insight into the security state of your organization’s web applications.
  • Generate lists of prioritized vulnerabilities, and technical recommendations to mitigate or remediate them quickly, easily with custom reporting and user-friendly set up options.

Get started with these 5 steps to shrink your attack surface.


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