5 Signs it’s Time to Change Your Vulnerability Management Solution

By Fortra's Digital Defense

Maintaining cybersecurity is challenging enough. The tools you use should facilitate progress, not hinder it. If the components of your tech stack are not well matched to your organization, you’re getting in your own way. It’s important to ensure you are using the solutions that are the best fit, especially when it comes to cornerstone elements like vulnerability scanning and management. If you aren’t, you could be wasting valuable time and resources and missing out on some key efficiencies that will make your security program more effective.  Below are 5 warning signs that it might be time to change your vulnerability management (VM) solution. 

1. It Seems Like Nothing is Easy 

The point of a vulnerability management solution is to solve and simplify. Unfortunately, many so-called solutions have become overly contrived tools that require many man hours and high-level expertise to configure and use. Others have been retrofitted to appear like a modern VM, but their performance is clunky because they are doing something they weren’t originally built to do.  

You don’t have to endure these issues. Look for a true VM solution that can be deployed in days rather than weeks or months. It should also be lightweight so that you don’t weigh down your system and slow processes. It might also be wise to find a solution that offers both agent and agentless scanning, to ensure it can scan and secure all of your network assets, regardless of their connectivity. Lastly, since we all know change is a constant, it’s good to look for a cloud-native SaaS vulnerability management solution that can be flexible and nimbly respond to your evolving needs.  

2. You’re Not Well Supported  

Not all vulnerability and threat management companies view support in the same way. For some, it is enough to outsource help desk and Level 1 and 2 items to third-party customer service providers. Often it’s next to impossible to speak directly with knowledgeable professionals.  This leads to frustration as well as threat exposure and extended resolution times. Your risk level is drastically increased because the longer certain security items take to be resolved, the longer you and your company are vulnerable. 

Look for a VM solution that prioritizes client advocacy and personalized service. Also, high customer satisfaction scores (90+) and high net promoter scores (70+) indicate an organization that puts clients first. It’s not too much to ask to have experts available to you when you need them.  

3. Cumbersome Reports  

Some solutions produce lengthy laundry lists of vulnerabilities that are not prioritized and not actionable.  Often this means IT resources must use valuable time to slog through these reports, adding context and distilling information until the data is useful.  

Additionally, a lot of time and resources are burned adapting reports for conversations with key stakeholders about security. You need easy to generate reports that are straightforward and clearly convey security posture information. The best VM solutions will offer reporting that can be as simple or as detailed as you need it to be. Learn more about Creating Productive Security Conversations.

They also provide intuitive rating metrics and valuable risk context that aid in prioritization and accelerated remediation, which is vital when cyberattacks grow more aggressive by the day.  

4. Doesn’t Play Well With Others 

Most cybersecurity programs rely on a collection of tools and solutions to be effective. It is essential that all of these solutions are able to communicate with one another for efficiency and to avoid siloed data.  If you current VM solution does not easily integrate with your workflow, then you are unnecessarily impeding progress. The right VM solution will integrate into your security processes seamlessly, making integrations and automated workflows easy. 

5. Compliance Concerns 

Regulatory compliance is a requirement for almost any industry these days. When it comes to compliance, you want to ensure you can trust your vendors to help simplify the process. Being governed by or adhering to compliance requirements typically involves regular audits. Make sure your VM solution empowers you to be ready for an audit at a moment’s notice. Look for easy-to-access reporting that shows current status along with activity related to remediation. You should also make sure your vulnerability management solution offers compliance-related scans such as PCI and best-practice scans such as CIS Benchmarks. 

Find the Best Fit 

Even though cyberattacks are rampant and attack vectors are expanding, your team can get in front of these risks by using the right tools and solutions. There are solutions out there that can streamline cybersecurity fundamentals and empower teams to stop burning manpower and start building better cyber defenses.   

What’s more, the gap between powerful technology and ease of use is closing. You can find solutions that provide both robust protection while being user friendly. When it comes to a vulnerability management solution, be sure you look for the following traits: 

  • Easy to Deploy 
  • Simple to Use 
  • Robust customer support and service 
  • Straightforward, on-demand reports 
  • Compliance-minded scans 
  • Powerful, accurate technology 

Working with the proper tools and solutions, your team can maximize your organization’s security posture and prevent costly, damaging breaches.  

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